Saturday, 7 December, 2019

Art Directories

Mixed Genre Sites


The Etext Archives

Searchable archive of texts of fiction, poetry, history, politics and ...

Existential Bumsrush

Includes prose, essays, poetry and assorted philosophical fragments.

The Emerald Sanctuary

Artistic, literary, and musical works of the members of the ...

Electro Asylum

Literature by various authors, presented in imaginative and colorful formats.

Forlorn Inspirations

Poetry, short stories, religious inspirations, and dreams or nightmares.


Publishes poetry, short stories, and commentary at its website and ...

The Gloob

Collection of short ghost, humor and mystery stories by various ...

Inspiration for Life

Poems, songs, photography, and stories.

I Have A Secret

Features interviews, writing and art, chat forum, live cam, and ...


An internet literary magazine of opinion, essays, poems, stories, story-poems, ...

Jade Myst

Stories, poetry and essays.

Joko Jun

An online community featuring stories, diversions, shorts, weblogs, poems, photos, ...


Book reviews, financial analysis, political/social commentary, and reviews of children's ...


Short stories, novels, poetry, satire, rants, essays, theories, and philosophical ...

Mysterious Underwater Realm of Slywy

Writing, poetry, biography, essays, stories, life, love, and books.

Nice Stories

Story archive with several categories of user submitted short stories, ...

NrQ Literary Portfolio

Literary portfolio that showcases poetry and prose of different topics. ...


Original poetry, short stories and online video streaming plays. A ...

Our Place

Home for the poet, the dreamer and the creative but ...


Online publications of works pertaining to human nature. Collects works ...

Online Articles Books and Essays

Essays and books by various authors.

A Place to Fly

A place to share stories, features writing and art, journals ...


A friendly family community for posting and reading poetry, stories ...

April Chick

Short fiction, poetry, photography by San Francisco gal.

Ali-Coleman, Khadijah

Poetry and short stories.

Amaury's Amazing Archives

Includes a free novel, works of literature, photographs, short stories, ...

Ayite, Eric Mathey

A collection of short stories and poems. Translated in English ...

A Loner's Ravings

A combination of fiction, poetry, personal experiences and mythology.

Burke, Ian - Babbling Brook, Buding Tree

An online journal and collection of select personal expository prose ...

Ben-Zvi, Michael - Write On!

Writings including fiction in the science fiction/fantasy genre and commentary.

Banker, Terry

Book written by a spouse for a spouse on his ...

Crone, Kevin - Breathe!

Poetry, prose, an e-zine, articles and essays.

The Broken Net Anthology

A small collection of original essays and verse.

Barton, Derek

Poetry, short stories, science fiction, fantasy, and divers amusements.

Brush, Stanley E. - Farewell the Winterline

Memoirs and photo collection of an American missionary boy growing ...

Bushman, M.L.

Articles, stories, and writer's links.

Mya Bell

Homepage of an author working on her first novel, with ...

The Black Inky Nothingness

Original poetry and short fiction.

Badt, Karin Luisa

Homepage of the author and professor of cinema and theater. ...

Baker, TJ

Information, as well as poems and short stories by the ...