Friday, 13 December, 2019

Art Directories

Mixed Genre Sites


Shaik, Nawaz - Online Writings

The author writes and shares views and hobbies.

Simpson, B.

Novels, poems, and short stories that you can download free.

Salter, C.B.

Various short stories.

ST's Perch

Poetry, short stories, quotes, as well as webrings.


Attempting to form a community of writers who want to ...

Sammy, G. K.

Short Stories and Poems from a West Indian.

Sliding Sanity

Art, non-fiction, fiction, and poetry concerning being diagnosed with a ...

Silhouetted Sun

Collection of the work of a 13 year English student. ...

Tong Chek Kiah, Florence - StormyHeart

Poems and stories, interesting quotes, forwards and emails from friends, ...

Thoughts and Ideas

Sharing opinions, thoughts and ideas. Contains various essays and accepts ...

The Ticking Rose

Non-profit publisher of offbeat poetry, non-fiction, personal journals, senior memoirs, ...

Trehan, Sanjay

Articles and poems on a variety of subjects.

Turnquist, S. Elizebeth - About Being Different

Essays, prose, and poetry, as well as art.

Taubert, Eric - Wormtown Review

Contains the author's writing, photography, and journal.

Tyos Dream

Site of personal artistic expression, including poetry, pictures, graphics, and ...


Purple prose from Orange County. Here's your basic potpourri of ...

Waters, Clay

Stories, poetry and non-fiction.

Wicks, Robert

This site offers humor pieces, poetry both published and unpublished, ...

Welcome To My World

Original stories, poems, and song lyrics.


A page including the works of author Jessica Carroll.

Wookie's White Book

Short Stories, poems and jokes, in Adobe format

Witherow, Judith K. - Wailing With The Wolves

Features writings of a mixed blood Native American author. Writings ...

Wood, M. E.

Newsletters, poetry, articles, artwork, and links.

Whyte, Gerard

Contains poetry, stories, articles and rantings, as well as pictures, ...

Artist Corner

Poetry, short stories, and song lyrics posted on forums for ...

ABC Tales

A community site where writers post collections of their own ...


Reader submitted poetry, fiction and art, as well as a ...

Algabrostic Spastigraphy

Fiction, poetry, and essays by Josh Sonnier, Steven Roy, Matt ...

A Darker Vision

Poetry, short stories and a weekly column. Commentary on political, ...

Bad Attitudes

Novels, poetry, commentary by Jerome Doolittle and K.C. Constantine.

Book of Silence

A discourse venture. A point somewhere between philosophy and art, ...

Bend of Bay

An online publication featuring poetry, fiction, performance and a gallery.

The Brooklyn Zone

Culture, ideas, issues, stories and advice in a cosmopolitan Brooklyn ...


A Radical Repository For Experimental Arts: music, writing, photo, video, ...

Creative Writing Online

A place where writers and readers can read and submit ...

Church on Thursday

A collection of visual art, music, interviews with musicians, record ...

Dissident Editions

Poems and essays by trenchant Northern Irish writer and publisher ...

Degenerate Press

Broadcasting "Electric Degeneration", a semi-weekly e-zine on Atlanta's music scene, ...


"A chance to let off steam by writing and reading."


Venue for writers, artists and musicians to showcase their work. ...