Sunday, 13 October, 2019

Art Directories

Mixed Genre Sites


Kram, Ben H - Modulo

Ramblings, poetry, musings, fiction and other miscellanea.

Kerr, Yoon - Moonlit Sketch

Offers two sample chapters, one poetry and one short story, ...

Kleen, Michael

Short stories, poems, essays, and photography.

Kitty's Writing Page

Short stories and essays on topics such as vegetarianism and ...

King, Laudizen

Collection of writings and image galleries of the author's favorite ...

Land of the Genius

From dodgy photo diaries to philosophy, computer games to nostalgia ...

Mavin, John - Mavinshome

Historical, horror, fantasy and science fiction stories and poetry.

The Magic Helix

A collection of stories, images and ideas exploring the principal ...

Mackintosh, Nicol - Short stories, verse and dialogues

A collection of light verse in a number of forms, ...

McLaren, George - Litter's Literary Pages

Assorted writing of LitterAli a.k.a. Scottish writer George McLaren. The ...

McCardell, Tina-Lu - PixieGoRound

Site contains stories of romantic nature, plus poetry, articles and ...

Morgan, Nicola

Author of the highly unusual novel for teenagers, Mondays are ...

Mixbag of Musings

Tales of the author's past adventures and my current struggles; ...

Includes several ongoing projects such as a collaborative Sci-Fi novel ...

The Midnight Hunter

Contains short stories, travelogues and photographs by the author.

Menchgelof's Mind

Personal stories, poetry, and notebook entries.

Monroe, Caleb

Contains previews, credits, the latest news and how to buy ...

Neuman, Matt - The Selected Works of

Includes fiction, essays, screenplays and poetry.

Noble Dragon

Slash-friendly site that offers fanfiction and fanart for Buffy, ReBoot, ...

Perry, Paul - Alamut: Bastion of Peace and Information

A diverse collection of writings, including a personal journal, essays, ...

Pfeffer, Matt - Provenance Unknown

Various writings by the author, and whoever else dares contribute.

A Person's Guide to Things

Includes a personal view on certain topics.

Petmunchkin the Writer

A site filled with poetry, short stories, thoughts, and discussion ...

Pope, Stephanie - MythoPoetry

Various stories and poetry by the author.

Parker, Marisha - Arkhein

Collection of original fiction, fanfiction, and original fiction, largely inspired ...

Porter, Nicole S - The Magic Words

Features the award-winning poetry and prose of Nicole S. Porter.

Caveat: Expressions Ardently Unfettered

Original short stories and poetry written by Jayme Peacock.

Rhodes-Olliver, Violet Marie - The Unexamined Life

Writings and ponderings about the world, seen through the eyes ...

Roberson, Renar M - White Pages

A collection of verse, fictional prose and essays.

Rutledge, Adam - The Pocket Soapbox

Written works ranging from newspaper articles to poetry.

Rankins, K.D. - Littera Scripta Manet

Personal website featuring the award-winning work of the teenage author. ...

Raw Emotion

Poetry and short stories by unpublished author. Mixture of fiction, ...

Rush, Suzanne - Boy, Are My Arms Tired

Writing, humor, reviews, essays, books, news and commentary.


Personal web site of Ramon E. Colon. Includes short stories, ...

Robert's Realm of Redundancy

Several poems and short stories.

Russell, Jonathan - MacPhoenix

Movie reviews, poems, music, and a weblog.

Ross, Angie

Contains mainstream writings, including novel excerpts, poetry, author information, music, ...

Rand, Matt

Clips of the author's writing.

Roberts, Steven

Contains samples of the author's work, including novel excerpts, short ...

Smith, Barbara - Barb's Hidyhole

Short stories and verse.