Sunday, 18 August, 2019

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A non-profit organization dealing with Experimental, Concrete, Electronic and Environmental ...

Australasian Computer Music Association

Forum for new compositions, information sharing, and research about music ...

International Computer Music Association (ICMA)

Individuals and institutions involved in the technical, creative, and performance ...

Interactive Audio Special Interest Group

For developers of audio software, hardware, and content, to freely ...

MIDI Manufacturers Association

Develops Musical Instrument Digital Interface standards. MIDI is a very ...

University of Plymouth Computer Music Research

Research programs focus on Evolution, Interaction, Synthesis and Cognition.

Bernhard Loibner

Electronic music, sound design, programming and audio-visual content creation.

Using computer-based content analysis of popular music reviews to guide ...

Craig Latta

A composer and a computer scientist, author of 'Netjam' (a ...

Phill Phelps

an electro-acoustic musician from Bristol, UK

Fredrik Olofsson

A passionate music researcher and software developer

Peter Plessas

Musician, audio engineer, student at the IEM Graz

Davide Morelli

musician, composer, software developer and artificial intelligence researcher

GarageBand for Windows

This weblog explores the products that may work as a ...

Digital Music Recording

Weblog for musicians and sound engineers interested in creating music ...