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Video Detective

Search movie and video previews by title, actor and genre.

Docent Favourites

Downloadable Quicktime trailers, latest releases as well as older ones.

Sneak Peek

Trailer links and other supporting pictures of upcoming films.

Ain't It Cool News

The latest in movie, TV, comic and other information from ...


The latest cinematic happenings under development.

The Movie-Page

Current Film Reviews and trailer links.


New Zealand-based movie and TV site with international coverage, including ...


UK-based magazine for independent, arthouse and world cinema.

Screen Digest

News, research and statistics on the film, cinema, television, video, ...

Spliced Online

Film reviews, news and interviews.

Film Unlimited

News, reviews, gossip, full UK listings from the Guardian and ...

IGN - Movies

Current and upcoming movie news, reviews and previews.


Features news, photos, trailers, articles, and message boards.

Reel Movies

Recent film news, reviews, multimedia downloads, and related links.

Talk Film

News about upcoming films, reviews of various movies, rumors and ...

The Movie Spoiler

Contains information about the endings of current and upcoming movies.

Premiere Magazine

Previews, reviews, interviews, polls, box office numbers, guides, forums and ...


Reviews, previews, articles, pictures, production notes, release dates for independent ...

Chasing the Frog

Previews and news about upcoming films, reviews of theatrical releases, ...

Empire Movies

Movie news, photos, trailers, posters and message boards.


Film portal. Showtimes, news, trailers, image galleries, film festivals, film ...

Rotten Tomatoes

Reviews, predictions, box office, trailers, interviews, photos, and news of ...

Entertainment Insiders

Film reviews and previews, box office statistics, articles and interviews, ...

Dark Horizons

News, images, video clips and reviews of current and upcoming ...

Cinema Confidential

Reviews, gossip, interviews, rumors, news, and contests. Also features image ...

Film Scouts

Screens independent films and mainstream film trailers. Also includes film ...

E-Online: Reviews

News, reviews, and information about recently released and upcoming films, ...

Hollywood Hollywood

Film reviews as well as an archive of video picks, ...

Film Jerk

News about upcoming films, reviews, interviews, filmmaking resources, and related ...


Reviews, news, trailers, and discussion forums. User contributions welcome.


Independent UK cinema subscription channel. Film news, release details, trailers, ...


Trailers, box office statistics, archive of film previews, and movie ...


Movie news, interviews, and reviews. Also includes theater and video ...

One Reel Film

News, reviews, box office reports, articles, and links.

The Movie Centre

Film news, previews, trailers, and articles. Also features film screenplays ...

Lee's Movie Info

Box office statistics and predictions, movie reviews, upcoming film previews, ...

The Z Review

Features news, reviews, previews, trailers, and chat.

Killer Movie Reviews

Reviews of mostly independent films, as well as streaming audio ...

Movie Usher

Information about titles currently playing in theaters, out on home ...


Reviews of current theatrical and video releases, along with news, ...