Thursday, 18 July, 2019

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Watch Movies is a movie portal to watch movies online. We ...

Allows visitors to shoot their mouths off about their favorite ...

Movie Rumors

Message board community where users can post or read rumors ...

My movie blog

Open community blog for all types of movies.


A major weblog that focuses on reviews, news and events ...

Zodcaps Celebrity Discussion Forum

Forums for discussing your favorite celebrities.

Forum of the Living Dead

Forum for fans of movies, especially horror related films

Julie Andrews

Forums for fans of actress Julie Andrews and her films.

Experimental Cinema

Forum about experimental cinema, animation, video-art and art cinema.

Mise-en-scene Crypt Discussion Board

A forum open to discussion of all movie genres.

Movie Loons

A movie forum for all films, from new to old, ...

Movie Blog

Movie blog featuring reviews and trailers's Newsletter

E-mail newsletter about movies, television shows, and videos with a ...

Provides movie news, reviews, film and DVD release dates, trailers, ...