Monday, 19 August, 2019

Art Directories

ASCII Art Sites

Free Signature files for email. Includes ASCII pictures, HTML and ...

Expressing emotion in email correspondence. Directory and newsletter.

Smilies Unlimited

Search the smiley faces database for the best face.

The Smileys Server

Live smiley gallery and collection.


This website helps you to find out the meaning of ...


Free java ASCII versatile editor. Rather than for editing texts, ...

Tribute to Text Mode Games

Virtual museum for games using only 16 colors and the ...

Cthrough Technologies

Design text art with Bit Macro Studio. View and play ...


A web application which allows everybody to create ASCII animations, ...

ASCII Generator dotNET

Open-source image to text converter, with support for variable width ...

Divxmania Image Artworks

An online script that convert any given image in HTML/ ...

ASCII Convert

Converts any image to ASCII text images online.


A library that aims to provide all graphics functionality using ...

ASCII Art Generator

Generate ASCII art from image and text.

ASCII Art Info

Free online tool to convert online images to ASCII characters. ...

Ascii Graffiti

Web application for creating color ASCII-style drawings using a javascript-based ...

The Paul Smith Foundation

A site about Paul Smith, a man with cerebral palsy ...

Black Maiden

The German group presents information about their members and their ...

Digital Mona Lisa

Early example of digital computer graphics from 1965. May have ...

Unicode Art

A central UTF-8 repository of Unicode art (which also automatically ...

ASCII Ribbon Campaign

Campaign against HTML mail, vCards and proprietary formats. Ribbon campaign ...

The ASCII Sandbox

ASCII art drawings, animations, and related musings.


ANSI/ASCII graphics group.

ASCII Art by Sebastian Stöcker (SSt)

A collection of ASCII Art pictures posted in de.alt.rec.ascii-art.

ASCII Art by =jf=

A collection of ASCII art pictures: animals, anime characters and ...

Ilmari Karonen: ASCII Art

ASCII art from itz.

Luker's ASCII Art

ASCII art in a weblog format.

Llizard's Art Gallery

Gallery of original ASCII art, ASCII animations, illustrations and animated ...

The Gwobbel Site

ASCII art made by Marijn Kampf, MK. Smiley faces and ...

Ethan's ASCII Art Collection

An ASCII turtle and diddles.

Grue's Page

Mike Throll comic strip and ASCII art pictures.

The Adventures of Nerd Boy

The Nerd Boy ASCII comics, fan art and merchandise.

Portraits of world famous celebrities, women and men.

Showcase of computer keystroke art. Various artists in this collection ...

ASCII ART Dictionary

Collection by Andreas Freise. Includes animations, FAQs and links. Very ...


Collection of jokes and ASCII art. Most of the ASCII ...


French and English site with a collection of ASCII art.

ASCII Galeria

Large sized and animated ASCII art gallery.

Xenon's ASCII Art Site

Collection includes ASCII art FAQs.

The Loop

Coloured ASCII art collection.