Saturday, 14 December, 2019

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Lot 49

Thomas Claburn's log of writing, MP3s, and films.

Think Attack

An open forum for intelligent and open-minded discussions and debates.

A production weblog by writer and director Greg Allen, following ...


The inventors network. Portal site for innovative solutions in design, ...

Like Anna Karina's Sweater

Film and culture blog with a focus on non-mainstream topics.


Weblog for photos, music, and architecture from Japan.


Futuristic art and design, digital art and other new media, ...

Mr Squiggle

Duel between two artists.


A submissions based site, meant to act as a community ...


Forum for Internet technology in contemporary art.

Clairity's Place

Musings on teaching, writing, literature, philosophy and faith.

Lil Monkey's World

Selected oddities from the mind of Suzanne Kaufman.

Head Butler

A plugged-in cultural concierge who will tell you about books, ...

Open Culture

A blog that connects to educational and cultural media (podcasts, ...

Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof's Art Blog

Art blog concerning major exhibits nationwide, with a particular attention ...


Tennessee art professor Brandon Buckner creates posts that are of ...

Fed by Birds

A compendium of vintage fashion, robots, sounds, folk art and ...

I Always Wanted to Be a Tenenbaum

Indie music, film, illustration, and photography.

Gen Art Pulse

Displays emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists.

Fusion View

An East/ West blog on writing, culture and the arts, ...


This New York City based blog features streetart, design, multimedia, ...

Los Cuadernos de Julia

This blogger writes about cinema, poetry, and art in English.

Ink Stained Hands

Blog about visual art, zines, and music.

Edward Winkleman

New York City gallerist blogs about the art world, current ...

Art Here and Now

Blog about international contemporary art.

Web Urbanist

Submissions from multiple authors on art, architecture and design offline ...

Art Blog By Bob

Blogger posts about artists, art movements, contemporary trends, and the ...

New Art

Blogger writes about contemporary art with an emphasis on theory.

September Third

Weblog about design, food, travel, entertainment, and architecture.


Reviews the work of contemporary artists, architects and designers who ...

Travelers' Eyes

A blog about nomad artists, writers, photographers, and musicians.

Fresh Inspiration for Your Home

Blog about home design, decorating, home improvement, and architecture.

Paper Kraft

Blog for paper crafting beginners which shows paper models, origami, ...

Rotland Comicworks

Blog about art, comics, narrative art, and early cinema. Posts ...

Bells and Whistles

Blogger posts about contemporary art, and making art in Australia

Sacred Heart Arts

Visual arts student tracks personal progress.

Peter Peryer

New Zealand artist blogs about art and the landscape in ...


Contemporary Visual Art Blog


Artist shares stories and pictures of his collage work.

The Earthly Paradise

Introduction to Arts and Crafts movement with special attention to ...