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Sailor Spork's Sailor Moon Obsession Page

12 steps to recovery, obsession test and daily affirmations.

Bunny's Sailor Moon Cristal Of Love

Small gallery with images mainly of Sailor Moon.

A Breeze Of Thunder - Sailor Moon Image Galleries

Currently has over 1000 images, all thumbnailed and categorized.

Haruka and Michiru's Place

Character information, images, multimedia, fan works, and links to other ...

Sky Coloured Oceans

Contains character profiles, opinions, changes of their relationship in the ...

Michiru's Sea of Dreams

Contains character information, images, animated GIFs, forum, song lyrics, Michiru's ...

Wind on Water

Character information, the love relationship, mythology, image gallery and fashion ...

Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru romance gallery and list of ...

Includes images, multimedia, and search engine.

Rona Kino's Mainly Sailor Jupiter Page

Images, animated GIFs, fanfiction, awards, links, and general series information.

Midori's Sailor Mars Shrine

Biography, list of attacks, and links.


Character analysis, mythological background, attack and item listings, essays, song ...


A fansite with profile, statistics, and gallery.

Sailor V: Before Awakening

General statistics and information, with a summary of the Sailor ...

Minako's Gallery

A large image gallery of Sailor Venus's different forms.

Michiru: Ebb and Flow

Character profile, romance information, fanfiction and fan art, submitted poetry, ... Tsunami of Sound

Character profile, comments on her relationship with Haruka, mythology, general ...


Character statistics, biography, image gallery, fanfiction and fan art, articles, ...

Bunny Tomoe's Sailor Saturn Shrine

Multimedia and webrings.


Anime and manga information and images, quotes, fan works, a ...

Planet of Silence

Profile, images sorted by form, MP3 and MIDI files, video ...

Amethyst Dreams of Saturn

Image gallery of Sailor Saturn and Mistress 9.

The Lonely Star: Saturn

Small image gallery.

Awoken Destruction

Features information and images of one of the characters, as ...

Dreams of Litany

Character introduction, profile, various forms, relationships, weapons/attacks, and friends.

Chibi Usa's Black Side

Information on Jedite, Queen Beryl and Black Lady.

Moon Shadows

Profiles, opinion of the characters, purity test, gemstones the villain's ...

Deadly Whispers: A Wicked Lady Shrine

Image gallery, sound files, animations, desktop themes, wallpapers, and links.

Psychotic exotic blue

Shrine to PallaPalla and Fish Eye. Character information, images, and ...

Hello hooray

Information and images of Neherenia, Zircornia, the Amazon Trio and ...

The green asteroid - A Jun Jun shrine

Information and profile, anime and manga image galleries, quotes, and ...

ParaPara Para-dise

Information of the character from the anime and manga. Also ...


Images, information, monsters of the day, seiyuu and image slides.

Silent Ruin

Information, fanworks and images.

Mosaic Beauty

Small shrine which makes a brief presentation of the character, ...

The Slippery Mermaid

Cointains a character profile and images, along with general information ...

Shadowed Galaxy

A large shrine to Sailor Galaxia, including information and images ...

Sailor Mercury Online

Message board with sections for each character, as well as ...

Sailor Moon Forum

Series discussion and fanart.

Sailor Moon Forum

Forum for the tv series, fandom and videogames.