Saturday, 18 August, 2018

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Anime Sites


Project: Shirayuki

Shrines to Hayate, Sasame, and Mannen, with information, images, wallpaper, ...


Episode downloads, image gallery, character profiles, and fan fiction.

Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars

Official US website containing episode write-ups, character biographies, cast and ...

Arcadia's Shulato Shrine

Scripts, images, episode synopses, song lyrics, and character information.


Dedicated to Ryota Miyagi.


A Hanamichi fanworks collective page. Has yaoi content.

Inverse : A comprehensive shrine to Lina Inverse of Slayers

A comprehensive site dedicated analyzing the character with comments and ...

Chimerazel's Zelgadis Shrine

Image gallery, profile, fan art, fan fiction, adoptions, polls, links, ...

Nepha of Feli's Slayers Page

Fan art, fan fiction, poetry, poll, couple shrine, character profiles ...

Slayers Den

Includes character profiles, media, lyrics, spells, and incantations.

Triple Portions

Character profiles, fan art, wallpaper, doujinshi scans, and humor.

Forever Dramata

Fan art, how-to-draw, anime terms, and image gallery.

The Library of Slayers Creativity

Fan fiction, fan art, doujinshi, toons, humor, and links. Home ...

The Slayers: Legacy of Darkness

Fan fiction by Purin-chan dedicated to the non-canon coupling of ...

Slayers Universe

Series information, spellbook, character profiles, news, summaries, CD reviews, links, ...

The Voice of Free Arcadia

Plot summary, movie synopsis, images, character information and multimedia.

Oriana's Site of Evil Fun

Has fan fiction, images, synopses of the comics, and great ...

Speed Racer Roleplay

A fan fiction type role-playing game for the original Speed ...

The official website with series information, news, merchandise, and a ...


Official site, with story, cast and news.

Star Blazers

Official site, with news, image gallery, and video clips.

Wave Motion Web Page

Story introduction, history, timeline, FAQ, movie and episode guides, music, ...


Information, screenshots, song lyrics, MP3 files, and avatars.

Les plumes de mémoire

Tsubasa Chronicles fansite. Series information, character profiles, scans, screencaps, mp3, ...

Tenchi Muyo

Official site by Pioneer Entertainment. Episode synopses, character profiles, merchandise, ... A Tenchi Muyo! Fan Site

Includes wallpapers, MP3s, fan fiction, links, and forums.

Tenchi Muyo! GXP

Official site for GXP series with series info, story, character ...

Happy End

Image galleries for each movie. Also includes brief summaries of ...

Seiya's World

Contains various galleries.

Starlit Soldiers

Contains images sorted by character.


MIDIs, lyrics, blinkies, animated gifs, horoscopes, character information and images.

Sailor Moon Resource

Information, graphics, games, music downloads, quizzes, and adoptions.

Bunny's Tour Through The Silver Millennium

Series information, profiles, multimedia, FAQs, episode summaries and guides from ...

Red Tattoo

Dedicated to the R movie, with story overview, character information, ...

Sailor Moon Uncensored

Details the censoring and altering done in the North American ...

The Sailor Senshi Page

Season summaries and characters, seiyuu, musical information, anime and manga ...

Series information, the live action series, forum, images, and links.

Contains weekly Sailor Moon news updates, anime and live action ...

Sailor Moon Toys

Collection of dolls, clothing, action figures, cels, and roleplaying toys ...

Crystal Valley

Displays a personal collection of Japanese toys and cards with ...