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Poetry of Charles L. Cingolani

Poems about the city. Includes information on the author.

Kay Irvin - Writing

Writing and lyrics style works. Dark and gothic poetry included.

Untraditional Woman

Graduated from Faculty of Commerce Business & Administration department Alexandria ...

babru samal's photography and poetry

I have posted a few of my poems and some ...

Anne's Poetry Corner

Anne's personal and award winning poetry. Includes poems, tributes and ...

Skinn, Brian - Brian's Favourite Poems

A personal collection.

Sully, Fabiola - Fabiola's Poetry

A personal collection.

Sutherland, Jamie

The author's favorite poetic works.

Steinman, Mark - Jeeves Poetry Page

A collection of poems.

Siffre, Labi

Word art, web art, animation, song clips and poetry by ...

Sharma, Sarita - Poems from my Heart

A poetry collection.

Sterling, Tova

Samples of poetry about love, social issues, joy and people.

Schoonover, Daniel Phillip - Powered by Dan

Music, poetry and photos.

Sienna's Poetry Suite

"Sense stirring poetry". Submissions invited. Includes challenges, articles, teen area, ...

Stoney's Poetry Page

A compendium of poems, many with a nautical flavour.

Sutton, D. N. - SoulSite

Poems on romantic love, death, grieving, and miracles.

Simmons, Shawn - Question of...

Searching personal poetry detailing a life of struggle. Includes samples, ...

Surette, David - Contemporary American Poetry

Contemporary American poetry. Most readers will find a familiar world ...

Sears, Naomi - Sugarcane's Abode

Personal poetry, quotes, pictures, and the poetry of others.

Spears, André - Xo: A Tale for the New Atlantis

Web-published 60-page long poem. Offers brief background on the author.

Smith, Abigail - My Poem Center

A small personal collection and list of member webrings.

Songer, Melissa - States of Being

Poetry and prose about the vagaries of existence.

Sabet, Farhad

Poetry, pictures, thought of the month, and political forums.

Schram, Munda - Munda's Poetic Moments

A collection of poetry and prose.

Shelquist, Richard - Rendezvous with the Beloved

Sufi poetry of longing, surrender and joy.

Shadian, Geraldine

Personal impressions of life expressed in poetry.


Poetry and photography from British artist Christopher Sanderson.

Shaumyan, Alexander

Lyrical poetry and satire on the corruption in American political ...

Thiphaine, Frederic

Poetry and biographical information.

Tan, P. - Last Zenith

Personal poetry and a section devoted to well-known poets such ...

Taz Tales

Designed to cause the reader to examine, visualize and reflect. ...

Tilt, Craig - Orange Fluff

Lyrics, poetry, music, news, site updates, and links.

Tait, George Edward - The Life and Times

Multidimensional, unidirectional orthodox African Nationalist journalist, poet and educator who ...

Taylor, L.M. - Poemeopathy: Poetry to Heal and Comfort the Spirit

Personal poetry that addresses spiritual and emotional issues and is ...

Tobias, Elias - World of Words

The author's attempt to explain events, ideas and emotions seen ...

Van Buren, Wilk

Original poetry and short fiction with some concrete works and ...

Vez, Petey - Antone's Poetry Page

Dedicated to poetry of the new age.

Versace, Lou - A Poem a Day

Easy to understand poems, with a new one each day. ...

Verdis, Jennifer - Verdis Poetry

A collection of provocative poetry, in weblog format. Jennifer writes ...

Williams, Brittany - Brittany's Poetry Page

A personal collection.