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Art Directories

Science Fiction and Fantasy Sites


CricketBow Design - Halloween and Fantasy Illustration

Featuring fantasy art, concept art, illustration, and creature, graphic and ...

Kari Christensen

Fantasy art by New York based artist Kari Christensen.

Carrie Hawks - Tigerpixie Art Studio

I am Carrie Hawks, cat artist & Tigerpixie Art Studio ...

Jamieson, Hugh - Paint and Suffering

Hugh Jamieson's detailed paintings and concept sketches of fantasy heroes, ...

Borst, Rene

Features biography, gallery of science fiction and commercial works, and ...

Hammock, William

Home of illustrator William Hammock. Features resume, biography, and gallery ...

Hopp, Andy - Fantasy Illustration

A menagerie of strange and original beasts by illustrator Andy ...

Balaskas, Chris - Balaskas Arts

Home of artist Chris Balaskas. Features galleries of traditional and ...

Conti, Ryan - Venustech Studios

Home site to fantasy illustrator Ryan Conti. Gallery, biography, role ...

Fieldson, Alane

Alane Fieldson's original illustrations of dragons, griffons, adventurers, and creatures ...

Johnson, Shane L.

Fantasy illustrator creating traditional and digital imagery for print and ...

Ellis, Max - JunkYard

The digital portfolio of Max Ellis, featuring Dr. Who and ...

Lackow, Andy - 3D Digital Studio

Fantastic buildings and constructs in computer generated 3D illustrations and ...

Harju, Juha - Artistic Designer

Illustrations, tattoo designs, and comic art of Juha Harju.

Martin, Britt

A collection of fantasy and gothic artwork by Britt Martin.

Pelick, Laura - Fallenlights

An art gallery of original fantasy images by Laura Pelick, ...

Moriarty, John

This is the homepage of illustrator/designer John Moriarty. Includes resume ...

Evans, Mark - Cloudmover

Features an online portfolio, available prints, purchasing information, bio and ...

Gutierrez, Alan

Professional science fiction and fantasy cover artist.

Brandt, Klaus

Science fiction and fantasy illustrations by Klaus Brandt.

Huitula, K.

Features fantasy and comic art.

Giancola, Donato - Donato Arts

Science fiction, fantasy, and concept art of Donato Giancola.

Chernik, Echo - Echo X

Art Nouveau decorative illustration including fantasy, book, and poster design.

Fuller, Kenny - Fuller Illustration

Features science fiction, fantasy and horror artwork, including CD album ...

Law, Stephanie Pui-Mun - Shadowscapes

The artwork of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Features fantasy and surrealistic ...

Rabinowitz, Alan

Features science fiction illustration, fantasy art and portraiture for book ...

Chris Appel's Webpage

Homepage of Chris Appel, located in Marietta, Georgia.

Kovacs, Doug

The fantasy and science fiction unreality of Doug Kovacs.

Lostimolo, Stephanie -

The fantasy comic artistry of Stephanie Lostimolo.

Lockwood, Todd

Features the artist's work from the Dragonlance and Magic: The ...

Branch, Jim - Branch Workshop

The fantasy and nature illustrations of Jim Branch.

Dale, Jeremy - ValleyDweller

Jeremy Dale's fantasy illustrations.

Bleathman, Graham

Illustrator best known for his cross sections from TV's Stingray, ...

Miller, Ron - Black Cat Studios

Gallery of science fiction and fantasy artist Ron Miller.

Scott, Dan

Science fiction and fantasy images by the artist, including works ...

Stout, William

Features biographical details, galleries of work, and merchandise.

Hickman, Stephen

Science fiction and fantasy illustrations by Stephen Hickman.

Lenagh, Kevin - Lenagh Alien Factory

A portfolio of science fiction, fantasy, and cartoon illustrations from ...

Anderson, David Lee - SF & F Illustration

The works of illustrator David Lee Anderson, featuring an art ...

Brandon, Theresa

This site features fantasy and children's illustration in watercolor, digital, ...