Monday, 16 July, 2018

Art Directories

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Vore, Robert

Nashville-based artist shows abstract mixed-media paintings and collages.

Vourgos, Mario

Cyprus-based artist and fashion designer presents expressionist paintings featuring images ...

Vandenberghe, Tiny

Chizou: digital drawings and designs. Figurative.

Von Reinhaart, Francesca

Abstract and figurative paintings, short documentary films, photography, computer graphics, ...

Valoppi, Laura

California artist shows watercolors and Chinese-style brush paintings. Florals.

Valdepena, Gabriela A.

Poetry and photographs, including self-portraits, with a strong emphasis on ...

Van Mechelen, Jan

Belgian painter and draughtsman shows works, including faces, bodies, and ...

Vedro, Rhea

New York metalsmith and jewelry artist presents an online portfolio. ...

Wollmann, Edmond

Art from the 60's to current San Diego State University ...


Alfabette Zoope - Includes original design, photography and poetry, a ...

Whited, Brian

Southern U.S.-based conceptual artist shows paintings and sculptures.

Watts, Mark

The designer and illustrator shows posters (including 50's-style posters), computer ...

Westermann, Barbara

Minimalist sculpture by this German-born artist and teacher now living ...

Webster, Arnie

Various artists' work scanned, then converted to 3D images.

White, Dutch

Selection of digital images by this artist.

Werner, Bettina

Italian-born artist now living in New York showcases her works ...

Witherow, Dale

Pennsylvania-based, retired university art professor presents a virtual gallery. Landscapes ...

Wicked, Jin

Houston TX-based artist presents her artwork (oils, drawings, sketchbook pieces) ...

Wolf, Greg

Digital vector graphics, illustration, and monochromatic photography.

Wilson, Sara

British painter based in Italy shows works inspired by music, ...

Wong, Ken

Landscape photography, chiefly black and white and with detailed text, ...

Ward, Gabrielle

UK-based artist's work draws on Rothko's elements and adds textures ...

Warner, Renee

Containing computer graphics dedicated to wolves and fairies, as well ...

Walsh, Patrick

New Jersey-based artist presents Photomosaics as large-scale ruminations on people, ...

Winikoff, Amos

Painting, digital photography and animation. Figurative. Nudes.

Watt, Darcy J.

Graphics and photos by the artist. Figurative. Nudes.

Wisser, Bernard D.

A series of virtual galleries called Marvel Place. Includes mixed ...

Whiton, Jason

Cartoon drawings, photography, music, and project updates by a Vermont-based ...

Weber, Dennis J.

Canadian artist's virtual gallery of figurative and realistic paintings.

Woegerer, Florian

Selection of wallpapers and graphics work of Nexflo. Photoshop and ...

Wehling, Niki

The Purple Princess is based in downtown Sacramento and here ...

Williams, Jessica

As Paperheart offers photographs, drawings, and collages.

Wittmaack, Harald

Artworks in various media, including pencil, mouse and tablet, and ...

Wright, Gregor

Glasgow-based artist shows drawings, mixed media works, and sculpture. Abstract, ...

Wyatt, Priscilla

The Rose Palette: Oregon artist shows drawings, pastels, watercolors, note ...

Wagner, Patricia

Impressionist and realistic landscape paintings. Free art lessons too.

Weimer, Birgitta

Abstract sculptures and installation works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Wooller, Mark

New Zealand painter offers a new way of looking at ...

Weisse, Markus A.

Abstract paintings, computer graphics (including animations) and robot sculptures.

Wood, Robert W.

Works by a painter of the American landscape.