Friday, 20 July, 2018

Art Directories

Comic Strips and Panels Sites


Sneaky and Creepy

A cartoon about two roaches. Also offers a short introduction ...

Stick Dude

Adventures and opinions of a stick figure and his friends.


Original cartoons featuring corporate comedy, bumper stickers, trivia, job interviews, ...

The Shazniks

Features comic strips, and information about the characters.

Stephen Kramer

Offers galleries of cartoons and information about the cartoonist.


A martial Arts adventure comic book. Requires Flash.


Original humorous comic strip featuring a flying superhero from the ...


A collection of cartoons and shockwave clips.

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki

Follow the adventures of a magical girl as she fights ...

The Shikwekwes

Cartoon that peeks into the lives of a wacky Kenyan ...

Sam and Fuzzy

Serial about a cab driver and his bear-like friend by ...

Spaztic Plastic

A 3D rendered web comic about plastic, fighting evil, and ...


This is a completely hand drawn site with a weekly ...

Shallow Grave Comics

A collection of comic strips created by Sean Polyn, graduate ...

Scott's Mind

Cartoons like a car crash. You know it's going to ...

Scooter and Ferret

Former pets and incompatible roommates star in a new strip ...


About a dastardly plan to steal the world's underpants. Offers ...

Space Patrol

Home of Cosmic Corsairs. By Matt Bayliss.


Featuring the strips "hyper-modern" and "Dog World".

Starslip Crisis

A webcomic by Kristofer Straub.


A webcomic about toys by David Willis.

Skit 150

Featuring Mike and Joe about two guys surviving school and ...

Stripped Books

A non-fiction strip about books and comic events. Also features ...

A Softer World.

Weekly webcomic and a collection of subversive resumes.

Suburban Squalor

Chronicles the hilarious adventures of a teenage depressive.


Features an archive 2000-2003. By Eric Toffey.

Features Under-The-Stairs and SleepyDad.

The Spade-Men

A group of friends become unlikely superheroes when they are ...

Severed Toe

A weird comic that has body parts as characters. By ...

Scribble Cartoon

Straight from the warped imagination of underground cartoonist, Josh Hara.

Savvie and Lacey

A gentle, humorous treatment of an "adult" topic: BDSM.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

A collection of bizarre humor.

Swine Song Comics

Diverse story and artwork styles by Colorado-based creator Robert Elrod.

Section 54

Echoing the comedy value of every day life, with a ...

Syntax Errors Comic Strips

A 3D comic strip about technology and pop culture as ...

Sonic Comic

Sprite webcomics based on the popular Sega video games.

Severe Boredom

Based on an extra-curricular project of two High School friends.

School Spirit

The comic misadventures of Casper, Cody and Co. Join them ...

Station V3

About life on a seldom-used rest stop and refueling station ...

Shit Happens

The misadventures of two losers. Art, About, and Archives.