Monday, 20 August, 2018

Art Directories

Creators Sites


Penny Van Horn

Official site with online comics, biography and links.

Jhonen Vasquez

Fansite that includes information on the artist's work, comic book ...

Wrightson, Bernie

Originals by Bernie Wrightson, natch.

Wallis, Bruce Allen

Full color adventures of Muggs Mulcher, the meanest, toughest, ugliest ...

Woodring, Jim

Pen and ink and painted work by Jim Woodring, creator ...

WickedINK Creative Design, Inc.

A graphic design firm located in Easley, South Carolina offering ...

Windsor-Smith, Barry

The official web site of graphic storyteller and artist for ...

Weeks, John

Small press comics, essays about travel, politics, and the world ...

Weinstein, Lauren

Creator of online comics "Inside Vineyland" and "Girl Stories."

Wilkins, Simeon

Robot Operator Manuals. Storyboard artist for Hellboy, and creator of ...

Watkins, Dudley Dexter

Fan site for English-Scottish 1940s newspaper cartoonist, illustrator of The ...

Williams, Simon

Portfolio of work including The Hulk, Death's Head, and the ...

Windett, Dave

Freelance comic book artist, cartoonist, and illustrator. Features samples of ...

Ward, Sean

Features comics, animation, videos, and photos.

Spungifeel Comics

Minicomics for sale, plus other online comics.

Matt Wagner Comics

Official site, with biography, gallery and news.

Mack White's Villa of the Mysteries

Official site with artist information, comics, articles, bibliography, and links.

Yardimci, Emir

Collected comics, illustrations, sketches, and pin-ups. Featuring a gallery of ...

Zeck, Mike

Originals (including recreations) by Marvel and DC mainstay Mike Zeck.

Zezelj, Danijel

Website by and about this Croatian cartoonist and his work.

Zuvela, Tony

Australian single panel Cartoonist and creator of Berserk Alert.

Zulli, Michael

Artist of such works as Sandman, Alice Cooper, Witchcraft, Shade, ...

Alvine, Ken

Features samples of strips and offers publication and syndication information ...

Anderson, Brian Calvin

Official site for horror writer and artist, creator of Bloodkin.

Arora, Neelam

Comic book writer. First published work appears in Arsenal Pulp ...

Allard, Joe

Colorist for Marvel Comics, Verotik, others. Portfolio of coloring work ...

Allie, Scott

Official site for comic writer and Dark Horse editor. Includes ...


Alixopulos Mystery Theater. Mini-comics catalog (Quagga, Nil, others), sample stories, ...

Andersson, Max

Swedish cartoonist, creator of Pixy and Car-Boy.

Artist's official site. Online comics and art samples, artist biography, ...

Altergott, Rick

Official site, with online comics and illustration portfolio.

Sergio Aragones

Official site, with biography, gallery, news, and questions from readers.

Biggs, Brian

Information on the artist and online comics.

Barsotti, Charles

Assortment of cartoons including Freckleberry Theatre and The Pup. Also, ...

Brereton, Dan

Information on book, Nocturnals, by this writer of Dark Horse's ...

Bergin, John

Music and artwork, with samples from the artist's gothcore and ...

Bullen, Lee

Illustrator and humor cartoonist. Sample strips and portfolio.

Boyask, Ruth

Girls' Comics are Cool. Website with webcomix, creator information and ...

Boyask, Debra

The land of tea and cakes. Comic creator website featuring ...

Bertozzi, Nick

Creator of Boswash and Rubber Necker. Site has illustration portfolio ...