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Noctivagus: Wandering by Night

Free online Yaoi manga about the quest of one young ...

Paradise Manga

Paradise Manga, Manga, Comics community by mangaka Hikaru Kootei. you ...

DP studio

Hi. My name is Daniel Carrizo and I am from ...

9Panels: Read Free Manga Online!

9Panels is a site and a community bringing together anyone ...

Taikyoku Shiou ze

Character profiles, text translations, and image gallery.

Deviant Art: Hot-Gimmick

Fan art and tag board.

Masakazu Katsura Manga Girls

Wallpaper featuring characters from the series.

Yasumi's Inu-Yasha Realm

Character profiles, fan fiction, fan art, and links.

Yume No Kakera

An Inuyasha fan site. Information, pictures, episode summaries, song lyrics, ...

Void Of Restraint

A Miroku fan site. Information, image gallery, MP3s, desktop wallpaper, ...

The Hero in the 21st Century

An original doujinshi based in the world of Inuyasha. Site ...

Divine Wind Project

Translations, manga scans, forums, and downloads.

Hontou no Watashi

Introduction, faq, anime and manga information, characters, author, drama CD ...


Contains general information, manga scans, discography, and lyrics.

Independent Zelda

A collection of fan made comics based on the Zelda ...

Love Witch

Gallery, articles, story, and characters.

Naruto Chaos

Episode guide, manga guide, encyclopedia, game guide, techniques, downloads, art, ...

Small Lily

A collection of hosted fan sites for the manga.


Detailed information on all parts of the manga and anime, ...

Heart of a Shinobi

Shrine to Sasuke and Sakura with character profiles, information and ...

Shinobi Addiction

Shrine to the Kakashi and Iruka pairing. Information, fan works, ...

Surpassing Genius

Tribute to Rock Lee. Overview of the series, images, icons, ...


A site dedicated to Haruno Sakura, with character summary, anime ...

Destination Paradise

Lots of information both on manga and anime series, fan ...


Introduction, author, episode list, quotes, fan section, and multimedia.

Codename: Prince

Character shrine to Sanji, aka Mr. Prince. Includes information, images, ...

Peach Girl Resource

Character profiles, images, wall papers, and links.

Peaches & Creme

Story information, character profiles, online games, wallpaper, and custom site ...

The Third World

Character profiles, manga summaries, universe explanation, and gallery.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Galaxy

Images, character profiles, reviews, Saturn shrine, awards, and links.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Manga Guide

Creator information, articles, synopsis, FAQ, characters, and links.

Double Trouble

Profiles, story, images, quotes, and links.

Realm of Sailor Energy

Fan art and doujinshi.

L'Ange Rose

Shrine to Sha Gojyou, with character information, fan art, and ...

H. Mauvecloud's Avocation

Fan fiction, fan songs, and ramblings.


Character profiles, gallery, story overviews, icons, essays, and links.

Complete Strangers

Interactive fan weblog. Character profiles, quotes, archives, and links.


A tribute to Sumeragi Subaru of Clamp's X and Tokyo ...

Mitsuru Adachi - Touch Fanlisting

A fanlisting of Touch including story outline, character introduction, image ...

My Vampire Heart

Fanfiction, pictures, news, and doujinshis dedicated to Kaname Kuran and ...