Tuesday, 17 July, 2018

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Just Me

Life is a symphony - notes to myself.

Jenn - A Life In Progress

A future teacher and college girl in her early 20's ...

Junction 24 by Jane Owen

Humorous daily experiences are chronicled in this slice of life ...


The human experience. One life exposed.

Joshua - partiallyblind

A "professional geek" ends his comments each day with "Say ...

Jorge, Daniela - Coisas & Mais Coisas

A Californian creative designer by day, Daniela writes about her ...

Jen - Scarlete's Psycho-babble

A thirty-something assistant editor from Florida who is "fascinated by ...

John, Daniel - Shoppingqueen's Personal Online Journal

Contains his personal thoughts and opinions. It also has some ...

Joshrocket.net - Project Axe

A guy who likes writing, reading, music and communicating.

Jennings, Michael

His journal.


The writer's journal.

Jeffguy - Brainfarts

Four years of entries from a guy in New York ...

Journal of a Writing Man

Somerset poet shares his journal and works. Includes gallery, archives, ...

Journal of a Working Mom, or, Up From Sloth

Sharing her cynical tales.

Vanessa Jaye's

Insights on literature, family life, and pop culture.

The Journey

Adventures and everyday happenings of a free-thinking, homebirthing, babywearing family.

KMeyer - Thoughts and What-Nots

Thoughts about life, love, work, and relationships. Includes a "Who ...

Karasik, Julie - A hobby, a profession, a way to spend my time

Website, weblog, portfolio, and anything else she feels like.

Kyrre - Dabbling in Writing

A journal about living, reading and sometimes writing.

Kevynn - Fat Free Milk

A writer trying to find his worlds weak spots and ...

Koening, Josh - Outlandishjosh

His journal.

Knezek, Teresa - Rant Mivox: Essays In Idleness

Stuff, nonsense and miscellaneous essays about life, the universe and ...

Killing Me Softly

The writer's life and obsessions.

Kilbot, Paul D. - The Kilbot Factory

Travel log, collected works and storage space of a journalist ...

Keith's Journal

Personal weblog.

Kelsa's Journal

Thoughts about her family, being a quadruplet, her life, weddings ...


Virtual home with a live webcam and online diary, free ...

Kate Hill's French Kitchen Adventures

Writing about living in southern France and working on a ...


Life as a supersexy blah-girl.

Lester, Amy: When In Doubt, Use Parsley

Sporadically updated and titled days of Amy's life.

Life of Brian

College life in Seattle. Batteries not included.

Liska, Allan

Some technology, some family, some geeky stuff. The usual.

LCH #2

A journey through the creative and troubled soul of one ...

Letters From the Pedestal

The day to day ramblings of a Midwestern chick in ...

Lyriel - Somewhere Cold and Blue

Silent screams from her head.


Covers topics such as current events and daily life through ...

Living In Sin

Her life in words.

Layden, Mike - All Of The Good Names Were Taken.com

Ramblings of a forty-something American.

Li Xiangrun

A Singaporean's thoughts, life, college and snapshots.

Lauren - Evolver

Journal of a college student.