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Tales of a Life Askew

Gripes of a twenty-something Rent-head.

Welcome to : my life, journal, webcam, and fancy ...

Tronster's Home Page

The main page of Tronster's home page tree. Updates on ...

Time Waits for No One

Ramblings of a wife and mother from the Midwest.

TinMan - The Tin Man

Thoughts of a twenty-something gay man who lives across the ...

To: The World, From: Leo

The life and views of a not-so-average 16-year-old guy.

Real Tippi

Crooked Muse, an online writing journal and personal website.


There is truth in impermanence.

Victoria's journal, images and art.

Tsaiko - Dance of the Hours

An after college student who goes by the name Tsaiko ...

Tigs, Maria

About the life of an ordinary Swedish woman.

Pay Attention - Travis Trove

Personal writings from Travis as well as autobiography and archives.

Tan, Alan - The Sofa

Mainly about computing, with pictures, personal profile and message board.


Ramblings from a 20-something drummer/math major/intellectual.

Taiwan_On's Notes From The Asylum

Redefining success one embarrassing failure at a time. (Contains strong ...

Personal website, weblog, poetry, design.

Thoughts of a Fancyass

Journal of her life.

Turner, Neil

Thoughts and anecdotes from his head.

Turner, Maggie - Page by Page: A Woman's Journal

The journal, photography, and poetry of a Canadian woman.


Daily life through the eyes of a graduate student who ...

The Text Obscured

Journalism students tells of her New York City exploits.

Trav's Site

Pictures and thoughts from Travis, a computer geek in Orange ...

Telling Deeds

Stories about internet dating, teaching elementary school, and starting a ...

Thatte, Priyank

Weblog, travelogues, and photo galleries.

McCaulley, Tessa - Tessa's Journal

Views on friends, work, and pop culture from the perspective ...

Travels with Charlie

Parenting diary of a West Coast mama.

Tank Green

A woman explains views and opinions about the mass media, ...

Twilight Visions

Writing, philosophy, art, and a fantasy conlang from an Azerbaijhani ...

The Underwear Drawer

The journal of Michelle's day-to-day life, with almost daily updates. ...

Umami Tsunami

Contains journals, essays and web logs about experiences in Kyoto, ...


Diary of a woman growing old disgracefully.

Utopia Parkway

Discussing movies, music, art, words, dogs and other important stuff.

The Upbeat Divorce

What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being ...

Verdezza - Assorted Ramblings of an Ambiguously Gay Single Guy

Thoughts on politics, filmography, and relationships are offered.


An outlet of expression for an introverted twenty-something Canadian guy.

View Askew

The continuing story of an Irishman in West Virginia.

Very Mom

Musings from a disorganized mother, wife, and business owner.


Throwing stuff at the Internet to see what sticks. Written ...

Willa's Journal

A brave new world...

Sometimes you just can't hold it in any more.