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Hyttinen, Roger

Novelist; with a biography and book excerpts.

Johnson, Ben Patrick

Novelist; with a biography, photographs, and book summaries.

Kailey, Matthew

Essayist and novelist; with a biography, bibliography and appearance schedule.

Kendrick, Mark

Novelist; with author events, biography, and synopsis.

Ketchum, Liza

Children's novelist; with a biography, bibliography and guestbook.

Kluger, Steve

Novelist and playwright; with a biography and synopses

Koja, Kathe

Young Adult novelist; with a biography, list of awards, and ...

Krach, Aaron

Novelist and artist; with a biography and reviews.

Lake, Lori L.

Lesbian writer Lori L. Lake, author of Gun Shy, Under ...

Levithan, David

Young Adult novelist; with news and a biography.

Levy, Owen

Details of his works, and a biography.

Lilly, Greg

Novelist; with synopses and biography.

Malloy, Brian

Official website, with a biography and bibliography.

Mann, William J.

Novelist and historian; with a biography and synopsis.

Frederic Martel

Writer and academic; with news, articles, and a biography. [English ...

Mastbaum, Blair

Official site; with an interview, details of books, and a ...

McCauley, Stephen

Novelist and essayist; with news, synopses and a biography.

McFadden, Bernice

Novelist; with biography, and tour details.

McIntyre, Vestal

Short story writer; with links to an interview, sample story, ...

McLaughlin, Christian

Novelist and screenwriter; with a biography and bibliography.

McNab, Claire

Mystery novelist; with a biography, bibliography, and glossary.

Merlis, Mark

Novelist; with a biography, book notes, and excerpts.

Miner, Valerie

Novelist and essayist; with a biography, bibliography, and workshop details.

Moore, Stephen R

Young Adult novelist; with news, reviews, a biography, and resources.

Newman, Leslea

Features listings of both adult and children's titles, biography, links, ...

Noyes, Katia

Novelist; with a extracts and questions.

Perronne, Michael Holloway

Official site; with a biography, event details, and book excerpts.

Philips, Ian

Novelist; with a biography, bibliography, and author questions.

Pinto, Ricardo

Fantasy novelist; with synopses, a biography, maps, and a mailing ...

Pomfret, Scott

Samples of Pomfret's writing, biographical information, and a list of ...

Prickett, Bill

Novelist; with a biography, questions, and synopsis.

Sports Complex

Syndicated column focusing on the LGBT athletics movement by Jim ...

Read, Kirk

Author of "How I Learned to Snap," about growing up ...

Reeder, C.A.

Author of lesbian romantic mysteries. Includes author biography and title ...

Reigns, Steven

Poet and novelist; with a calendar of events and photographs.

Rice, Christopher

Novelist; with synopses, a biography, reading schedule, questions and research.

Rodi, Robert

Satirist; with a biography, bibliography, and extracts.

Roeder, Mark

Author of The Gay Youth Chronicles, a novel series for ...

Rosen, Rob

Personal page of this author includes book information, gallery, and ...

Saint-Clair, C.C

Novelist; with a biography, bibliography and news.