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My blog is a sort of catch-all for my various ...

Feng Shui

Musical reconstruction collaboration featuring Anne Pope and Toon. News, events, ...

Far Out Productions

Dance music production and remixing. Sound files, list of artists, ...


Based in London, Ontario, Canada. Profile, sound files, events, and ...

Groove Injection

Production and remixing team of Ray V and Teqnotic. History, ...

Groove Entertainment

A collective based in Oregon that produces hip hop and ...


Biography and sound files.

Hodge, Art

Profile and credits for the Los Angeles based DJ, Grammy ...

HardOn Productions

Danish ambient, house, and trance producers. Profiles, news, and sound ...

Harding, Tom

Hard house DJ from the UK. Includes history, discography, reviews, ...

Infinite Jazz

Charts, reviews, sound files, label information, and events for the ...

Jazzy Joe

News, profile, and pictures of the DJ from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jeffery Mac

Download mixes from this Texas based DJ.

Kelly, Magic Matt

Beatmixing DJ focusing on Chicago house and progressive house music. ...

Lawrence, Christopher

Official site includes profile, discography, press quotes, news, tour dates, ...

Lee, Dale

Biography, vinyl collection, and chart from the DJ.

Lemon, Rob

Central United States progressive DJ. Biography, gigs, charts, mailing list, ...

Love, Lisa

Female DJ from Philadelphia. Events, pictures, and history.

Matthias, Dave

Biography, discography, articles, and playlists for the DJ.

Mo Magic

Audio/visual multimedia site including recording information on the Outcaste signed ...


History, sound files, party dates, and studio information.

Monnet, Claude

House music DJ and producer from Paris, France. News, biography, ...

Mucho Stylez

House and techno music, based in New York City. Biography ...

Masters At Work

Discography, pictures, interview, and audio files.


Profile and pictures.

Ohara, Kenji

DJ based in Los Angeles, California. Events, biography, mixes, and ...

Osborne, Damien

Also known as D'Funkt Addicts. Biography and mixes.

Parrish, Man

Profile, interview, sound files, top five, and album artwork.

Parallax Soundz Productions

DJ profiles, sound files, and upcoming events.


News and audio files, both video game remixes and original ...

Prinz, Andy

Swiss producer and remixer. Biography, history, events, articles, releases, and ...

Richards, Paul

DJ from Southampton, UK. Profile, news, sound files, and chart.

Reid, Mandy

Biography, discography, chart, and booking information for the Irish DJ.

Stompa Phunk

Events, releases, and radio show playlist.


New York based DJ. News, sound files, rants, album picks, ...


News, profile, sound files, events, and releases.

Succi, Davide

Italian producer, director, and remixer. Profile, pictures, and chart.


Progressive house/techno/retro-wave DJ/producer/remixer from Denver, Colorado. Profile, news, interview, and ...

Saint Germain, DJ Carlos

Events, history, and pictures. Based in Miami, Florida.

Smith, Steve

Also known as Fritz Q. Horst and DJ Stevo. Based ...