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Classic Glass Studio

Church and commercial Stained Glass restoration, fabrication and installation. Based ...
Score: 19.86 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stained Glass Patterns

Stained-Glass-patterns– offers you the possibility of inspiring you by proposing ...
Score: 17.66 Category: Art History

British Society of Master Glass Painters

An organisation dedicated to the art and craft of Stained ...
Score: 17.31 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stained Glass Town Square

Stained Glass forum also includes sections on hot Glass, mosaic, ...
Score: 17.16 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stained Glass Association of America

Provides information on Stained Glass Magazine and the Stained Glass ...
Score: 17.10 Category: Crafts\Glass

Helen Watson Stained Glass

A New Zealand Glass artist with a portfolio of Stained ...
Score: 16.52 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stained glass mosaic

Stained Glass is a unique and versatile material, half solid ...
Score: 16.05 Category: Crafts\Mosaics

Tribal Glass Art

Native American Stained Glass and custom Stained Glass.
Score: 15.95 Category: Visual Arts\Native and Tribal

The Glass Artists Fellowship

Glass art gallery and informational site featuring Colorado regional artist ...
Score: 15.63 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stained Glass by Sheryl and Ray Leak

Gallery of custom designed Stained Glass for church, commercial, and ...
Score: 15.44 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stained Glass Info

Information on studios, suppliers, manufacturers, membership organizations and other aspects ...
Score: 15.44 Category: Crafts\Glass

Aanraku Stained Glass

Teaching studio features a gallery of elaborate Stained Glass projects ...
Score: 15.43 Category: Crafts\Glass

Torr Lith Stained Glass

Creates art in Stained Glass and lamps, and includes pictures ...
Score: 15.43 Category: Crafts\Glass

Artists in Stained Glass

An online association promoting Stained Glass art, with photos, news, ...
Score: 15.35 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stevenson Stained Glass Studio

Custom designed Stained Glass decor for home or office including ...
Score: 15.29 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stained Glass by Stephen A. Fregeau

Gallery, tutorials and information on the art of Stained Glass.
Score: 15.29 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stained Glass and Fine Arts College

Offers academic, technical, and artistic training as a Stained Glass ...
Score: 15.15 Category: Crafts\Glass

Buckinghamshire Stained Glass

Photographic directory of Stained Glass windows throughout the county.
Score: 15.13 Category: Crafts\Glass

Andrei Lobanov

ANDREI LOBANOV was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1962. After ...
Score: 15.09 Category: Crafts\Glass

The Stained Glass Museum

Houses a national collection of Stained Glass. The illustrated online ...
Score: 14.98 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stained Glass Photography

A comprehensive guide to the Stained Glass of William Morris, ...
Score: 14.89 Category: Crafts\Glass

Leo Amery

Presents the core elements of Leo Amery’s work: Stained Glass ...
Score: 14.64 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stained Glass Guild of Kansas

A nonprofit organization of Kansas individuals interested in the understanding ...
Score: 14.63 Category: Crafts\Glass

Dimensions in Art Glass

Custom designed leaded and etched Glass for architectural applications plus ...
Score: 14.06 Category: Crafts\Glass

Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists

A non-profit association for the perpetuation, improvement, and promotion of ...
Score: 14.05 Category: Crafts\Glass

Bradstreet Glass

Family owned and operated, Bradstreet Glass provides Stained Glass sheets ...
Score: 13.93 Category: Crafts\Glass

Ellen Mandelbaum Glass Art

Specializing in Glass painting and Stained Glass work for large ...
Score: 13.84 Category: Crafts\Glass

Walker, James

Mold melted Glass sculpture, Stained Glass windows for architecture, and ...
Score: 13.84 Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Silicon Folly

Stone and Glass work, including instruction manuals for stepping stones, ...
Score: 13.75 Category: Crafts\Glass

The New England Craft Program

Glass blowing, flame working, Glass bead making, kiln-fired Glass, Stained ...
Score: 13.18 Category: Visual Arts\Education

Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman

Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman specialises in leadlight and Stained Glass ...
Score: 13.07 Category: Crafts

Bieze's Art Glass

Contemporary sculptures made of steel and Glass by Laurie Bieze, ...
Score: 13.06 Category: Crafts\Glass

Specialty Art Glass

Australian online mosaic supplier. Mosaic supplies include ceramic tiles, Glass ...
Score: 13.05 Category: Crafts

Tiffany Art Glass

John Edward Zawadski designs Stained Glass and fused Glass windows ...
Score: 12.72 Category: Crafts\Glass

Greenwillow Glass

Stained Glass designs inspired by Middle Earth, especially the Elves.
Score: 12.71 Category: Literature\Genres

Nicky's Glass

Gallery of Stained Glass work created by UK artist.
Score: 12.70 Category: Crafts\Glass

Glass Art Magazine

Discusses blown, fused, etched, Stained and decorative Glass, as well ...
Score: 12.65 Category: Crafts\Glass

Hetland, David J.

Stained Glass, Glass mosaics, painted murals, liturgical and graphic design.
Score: 12.65 Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Jackman's Glass Studio

Specializing in custom Stained, beveled, leaded Glass windows and doors.
Score: 12.65 Category: Crafts\Glass

WT Design

Crafting original Stained Glass windows, Glass decorations, and custom made ...
Score: 12.65 Category: Crafts\Glass

Martin McAssey Glass

A Stained Glass artist and teacher.
Score: 12.65 Category: Crafts\Glass

New Beginnings Glass

Showcases some of the Stained Glass work designed and created ...
Score: 12.60 Category: Crafts\Glass

Glass Campus

Offering online and on-site Stained Glass classes, as well as ...
Score: 12.60 Category: Crafts\Glass

Bitgood, Leslie An

For over ten years I have been working with Glass ...
Score: 12.59 Category: Crafts\Beading

Hamilton Design Glass

Includes a portfolio of Stained Glass commissions as well as ...
Score: 12.53 Category: Crafts\Glass

Reflections Glass Studio

Features contemporary Stained Glass designs by Brigitte Wolf and information ...
Score: 12.46 Category: Crafts\Glass

Terri's Stained Glass Creations

Features a gallery of side lights, cabinet doors, Glass panels ...
Score: 12.46 Category: Crafts\Glass

Stephen Bonesteel Race Glass

Presents Stained Glass windows depicting notable moments in auto racing ...
Score: 12.46 Category: Crafts\Glass

Diablo Glass & Metal

Offering glassblowing, fusing, slumping, lampworking and Stained Glass facilities for ...
Score: 12.38 Category: Crafts\Classes and Projects

Mosaic Creations

One-of-a-kind artwork, tables, mirrors, wall hangings and lamps created from ...
Score: 12.21 Category: Crafts\Mosaics

Art Glass Works

Working with homeowners, designers, contractors and architects, designing and fabricating ...
Score: 12.21 Category: Crafts\Glass

Crimson Laurel Gallery

Bakersville, NC gallery exhibiting work by local artists in a ...
Score: 12.05 Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Studio B Custom Art Glass

Custom designed Stained, etched and fused Glass windows, doors, garden ...
Score: 11.86 Category: Crafts\Glass

Gerrodette Art Glass

Original Stained Glass artwork by Anna Gerrodette from Cleveland, Ohio. ...
Score: 11.78 Category: Crafts\Glass

Mosaic Mandalas

Stained Glass mandalas created from hundreds of pieces of art ...
Score: 11.73 Category: Crafts\Mosaics

Barton Art Glass Works

An online gallery featuring works by artist Michael S. Barton. ...
Score: 11.16 Category: Crafts\Glass

Glass Patterns Quarterly

Magazine provides patterns and step-by-step photographic instructions for Stained Glass ...
Score: 11.11 Category: Crafts\Glass

Art Windows

Gallery of Stained Glass windows and beveled Glass windows by ...
Score: 11.04 Category: Crafts\Glass

Narcissus Quagliata

Gallery of Stained Glass murals.
Score: 10.82 Category: Crafts\Glass

Arts On Glass - Stained Glass Products and Glass Art

Doris Cohen was born in Tanger in 1953. She started ...
Score: 10.77 Category: Visual Arts


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