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Word Quests for Word Seekers

Searchable dictionary of Word origins, organized in cross-referenced thematic lists ...
Score: 10.33 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Salem Literature - Salem Press

Salem provides access to a growing number of Reference works ...
Score: 9.58 Category: Literature

Tattoo Designs, Free Flash Tattoo Designs

The Word's tattoo designs comes from the Word tattoo which ...
Score: 9.48 Category: Bodyart


Online Word and Word fragment look up database.
Score: 8.81 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Internet Park: Online Interactive Word Games

An interesting and friendly place to play Word games live ...
Score: 8.80 Category: Education\Language Arts

iFinger Electronic Reference

Software for Windows, which provides direct offline access to various ...
Score: 8.76 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Word for Word

Weekly program highlighting a speech on topics in the news. ...
Score: 8.71 Category: Radio\Formats

The Word on the Street

Book and magazine fair celebrating literacy and the printed Word. ...
Score: 8.65 Category: Literature\World Literature

SWOT - Spoken Word of Tulsa

Non-profit organization of local artists, poets and musicians to further ...
Score: 8.37 Category: Literature\Poetry

Phrases Thesaurus

A resource for writers. Enter a single Word and it ...
Score: 8.36 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources


Word processing package designed for writers. It emphasises features used ...
Score: 8.29 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Hostyle Gospel

Hostyle Gospel Is a dynamic Christian based Hip-Hop group that ...
Score: 8.19 Category: Music

Word for Word Writers' Group

A creative writing group based in North London, UK. Details ...
Score: 7.95 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Word Detective

Words and language in a humorous vein. The online version ...
Score: 7.64 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Free Music Videos Now

You can find some cool music videos using the search ...
Score: 7.55 Category: Music

Writers Free Reference

A list of free Reference sites useful to writers and ...
Score: 7.21 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Visual Reference for Comic Artists by Buddy Scalera

A visual Reference CD created by comic book writer Buddy ...
Score: 7.13 Category: Comics\Resources


Dictionary is the largest and most trusted free online dictionary. ...
Score: 7.09 Category: Education\Language Arts

Four Letter Word: Graphic Design and Brand Design

Established in 1999, Four Letter Word has steered a path ...
Score: 7.02 Category: Graphic Design

Thewritersclub, Write, read, rate & edit manuscripts with our online word editor.

Thewritersclub - Welcome to The Writers Club Official Website. Writer ...
Score: 6.36 Category: Online Writing\Directories


Petite shopping Reference.
Score: 6.15 Category: Design\Fashion

BossArea - Product Reference

Descriptions of the available pedals.
Score: 6.09 Category: Music\Instruments


Includes a quiz, a chatroom, and a Reference guide.
Score: 6.02 Category: Movies\Titles


Multilingual Word puzzles.
Score: 5.99 Category: Education\Language Arts

Marshall, Pamela J.

(1954-) News, catalog, and music Reference.
Score: 5.96 Category: Music\Composition

Star Wars toy news and Reference site.
Score: 5.96 Category: Movies\Titles

Jedi Haven

A complete Reference for true Star Wars fans.
Score: 5.89 Category: Movies\Titles

LindyWeb Belgium

Reference for courses and parties, with photos and video fragments.
Score: 5.89 Category: Performing Arts\Dance

The Zocalo

Offers information, awards, news, and the hypertext Reference guide.
Score: 5.89 Category: Television\Programs

Reference archive of shitajiki. Indexed by title and genre.
Score: 5.89 Category: Animation\Anime

The Animorphs Reference Page

Animorph glossary by character, species, and book.
Score: 5.89 Category: Literature\Children's

Ghost Word

Ethereal thoughts on books and writing.
Score: 5.86 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

All Told

Word candy for moms and other crazy dreamers.
Score: 5.86 Category: Online Writing\Journals

Proofreading tools for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
Score: 5.86 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources


Drawings, photos, and Word play by the artist.
Score: 5.86 Category: Visual Arts\Personal

art in context

Online Reference library for information about artists, museums and galleries.
Score: 5.83 Category: Education\Directories

Anime Critic

Reviews and ratings, and Reference section with glossary and release ...
Score: 5.83 Category: Animation\Anime

Music Theory

Articles, online Reference books, interactive exercises, and questions.
Score: 5.83 Category: Music\Theory

I Forge Iron

Blacksmithing Reference of how-to blueprints, tools and tricks of the ...
Score: 5.83 Category: Crafts\Metal Craft

The Word Nerds

A weekly podcast about words, language, and why we say ...
Score: 5.80 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Heinrich, Ray - Word Biscuit

A small personal collection.
Score: 5.80 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Word Trip

Community site for writers. Discussion in forums.
Score: 5.80 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Word Pangs

Casting a jaundiced eye on the writing life.
Score: 5.80 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources


Spoken Word and song. Poetry, merchandise and news.
Score: 5.80 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

The Watchers Council

An encyclopedic Reference site for Buffy and Angel. With news, ...
Score: 5.77 Category: Television\Programs

Wool Works

Includes links for knitting suppliers worldwide, patterns and Reference material.
Score: 5.77 Category: Crafts\Knitting

WordWeb Pro

Thesaurus and dictionary for Windows with Word and anagram finder.
Score: 5.74 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

The Word

Articles and opinion on Gundam world. Reviews on books and ...
Score: 5.74 Category: Animation\Anime


Daily Word list, exercises, cartoons, tests and articles.
Score: 5.74 Category: Education\Language Arts


Herr Grossman, Errol, and Estoque, the last Word in organized ...
Score: 5.74 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels


C++ source documentation add-in tool for Microsoft Word 97/2000.
Score: 5.74 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Baldwin, Cliff

Word artist, digital filmmaker, sculptor, and designer.
Score: 5.74 Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics

Shaksper: Global Shakespeare Conference

Provides Reference materials, new papers, a listserv, and scholarly criticism ...
Score: 5.71 Category: Literature\World Literature

Star Trek: Voyager Online

Includes news, episode guide, Reference section, and links.
Score: 5.71 Category: Television\Programs

The Internet Public Library

Features directories of online texts, newspapers, magazines and Reference materials.
Score: 5.71 Category: Literature\Electronic Text Archives

Widow's Hill Dark Shadows Collectibles

Focusing on collecting news, information, and photo Reference.
Score: 5.71 Category: Television\Programs

The Corrs Online

A Reference site including news, profiles on the band members, ...
Score: 5.71 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Anthony Petullo Collection

Self-taught art with heavy European influence. A non-profit Reference site.
Score: 5.71 Category: Visual Arts\Thematic

The Stephen King Net

Has the latest news, book listing, cross Reference of characters, ...
Score: 5.71 Category: Literature\Authors

POM - Tools for Animators

Human Motion Reference Videos and Rigs to refine animation skills.
Score: 5.71 Category: Animation\Training


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