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Harry Potter Facts

Harry Potter Facts, chapters-reference and summaries site for magical creatures, ...
Score: 19.53 Category: Literature\Children's

I Hate Harry Potter

Article critical of the Harry Potter series, with a forum ...
Score: 17.49 Category: Literature\Children's

Power of Wizards

Avatar pictures and star photos from the Lord of the ...
Score: 17.37 Category: Movies\Genres :: Friends of Harry Potter

Harry Potter Community with news, rumors, galleries, a role-playing school ...
Score: 17.02 Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter Lexicon

Information about various subjects in the Harry Potter books.
Score: 16.91 Category: Literature\Children's - Harry Potter Fanart by Hibiscus

Slash-friendly 'Harry Potter' art deco and Bauhaus-themed artwork by Hibiscus.
Score: 16.69 Category: Literature\Children's

The Sorcerer's Companion: A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter

Excerpts and illustrations from a guide to the true history, ...
Score: 16.69 Category: Literature\Children's

HPANA - Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator

Complete Harry Potter coverage collected from various news sources.
Score: 16.52 Category: Literature\Children's

Mr T vs Harry Potter

Also known as Harry Potter and the Power of Mr ...
Score: 14.71 Category: Entertainment\People

Animation Art Gallery - Wildsville Gallery

Collectible animation art and art gallery, features Looney Tunes, DC ...
Score: 13.11 Category: Animation\Collectibles

Godric's Hollow

Harry Potter news and rumours.
Score: 12.29 Category: Literature\Children's

Catch The Snitch

Harry Potter news and facts.
Score: 12.29 Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter Fun

Brief book reviews for each of the books and ratings ...
Score: 12.16 Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter Time

News articles, forums and games.
Score: 12.16 Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

News and rumours about book 7 with theories.
Score: 12.03 Category: Literature\Children's

Shooting Star Gallery

Features 13 images of Harry Potter fanart.
Score: 12.03 Category: Literature\Children's

Wizarding World

Portal to Harry Potter and J.K.Rowling related sites.
Score: 12.03 Category: Literature\Children's

Azkaban and Beyond

News, reviews, rumors, polls, and quizzes about the Harry Potter ...
Score: 11.91 Category: Literature\Children's

Lucy's Loveseat

Harry Potter fanfic and the rantings of a part-time writer.
Score: 11.91 Category: Online Writing\Journals

Harry Potter

Fan site with filming locations, photographs, cast images, and links.
Score: 11.79 Category: Movies\Titles

Leaky Cauldron

Read and comment on the latest Harry Potter book and ...
Score: 11.79 Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter Forums

Community and bulletin board dedicated to the books and films ...
Score: 11.67 Category: Literature\Children's

The Pheonix Feather

Fan fiction, mistakes in the movie and books, and information ...
Score: 11.67 Category: Literature\Children's

The Magical World of Harry Potter

Includes fan fiction, pictures, a chatroom, and message board.
Score: 11.67 Category: Literature\Children's

Magus Amor: The Harry Potter Archives

A collection of fan works, such as art, fiction and ...
Score: 11.67 Category: Literature\Children's

Ginny and the Weasleys

Songs about Harry Potter. Includes lyrics, MP3s, and information about ...
Score: 11.55 Category: Music\Styles

Sycophant Hex: Verbum sapienti sat est

Divided into eight archives for all Harry Potter fanfiction categories.
Score: 11.55 Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter International

Features book facts, rumours, pictures, information on the author and ...
Score: 11.55 Category: Literature\Children's

Kingdom Of Magic

Harry Potter-style RPG which includes sorting crown, shops, classes, a ...
Score: 11.32 Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry

Contains quotes from the books, character biographies, fan fiction, artwork, ...
Score: 11.32 Category: Literature\Children's

MasterFroggys Encyclopedia of All Things Harry Potter

Provides information on anagrams, books, film cast, potions, spells and ...
Score: 11.21 Category: Literature\Children's

Phoenix Feathers RPG

Harry Potter roleplay. Fan fiction writing with an emphasis on ...
Score: 11.21 Category: Literature\Children's

J.K. Rowling

Official site about the author and the Harry Potter books. ...
Score: 11.10 Category: Literature\Children's

Lush canon watercolour illustrations by Marta of the 'Harry Potter' ...
Score: 11.10 Category: Literature\Children's

Emma Watson

The official website of the British actress noted for her ...
Score: 11.10 Category: Performing Arts\Acting


A Harry Potter fan art forum with fan works and ...
Score: 11.06 Category: Movies\Titles

Site of Requirement, The

Harry Potter site with forum, trivia, conspiracy theories and information ...
Score: 11.02 Category: Literature\Children's

Wright, Cliff

UK-based children's illustrator best known for his work on two ...
Score: 10.99 Category: Illustration\Children's

Harry Potter

Official site of the Warner Bros. production. Includes virtual Hogwarts, ...
Score: 10.99 Category: Movies\Titles

Accio 2005

Conference at University of Reading bringing together adult Harry Potter ...
Score: 10.89 Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter Malaysia Fan Club

A message board with threads for sorting, fan works, pictures, ...
Score: 10.85 Category: Movies\Titles

Harry Potter World

A list of foods and drinks and magical creatures in ...
Score: 10.85 Category: Literature\Children's

The Harry Potter Fan Zone

Multimedia, articles, reviews, fan works, books, gaming, humor, merchandise, and ...
Score: 10.79 Category: Movies\Titles

The Sugar Quill

Includes editing guidelines, suggestion board, links to other Harry Potter ...
Score: 10.68 Category: Literature\Children's

Harry Potter for Muggles

A list of the characters, presentation of Hogwarts and Quidditch, ...
Score: 10.48 Category: Literature\Children's

Nimbus 2003

Symposium presented by Harry Potter for Grown Ups and other ...
Score: 10.39 Category: Literature\Children's

Sirius Black's

A website dedicated to Sirius Black with editorials and information ...
Score: 10.35 Category: Literature\Children's

Sailor Moon Doujinshi Library

Online encyclopedia of fan-published books (Doujinshi) featuring characters from Bishoujo ...
Score: 10.33 Category: Animation\Anime

Harry Potter Information Site

Rumours and news, pictures, fan fiction, fan art and information ...
Score: 10.30 Category: Literature\Children's

Ron and Hermione

A site dedicated to Ron and Hermione and their relationship ...
Score: 10.26 Category: Literature\Children's

Hogwarts School of W&W Online RPG

Practice your role-playing skills and creativity in writing at this ...
Score: 10.17 Category: Literature\Children's

The Classics Pages

You'll find well over 1000 pages of news, information, games ...
Score: 10.09 Category: Humanities\Classics

Beartrix Potter Society

Group officially organized as curators (collectors) of items from Beatrix ...
Score: 10.06 Category: Illustration\Historic Illustrators

Jim Dale Home Page

Official site. Includes biography, answers to frequently asked questions about ...
Score: 9.85 Category: Animation\Voice Actors


Formerly Muggles for Harry Potter, kidSPEAK believes that it is ...
Score: 9.74 Category: Literature\Children's


Dedicated to Remus Lupin. Includes information on Remus and werewolves ...
Score: 9.60 Category: Literature\Children's

Euan The Potter

The life and times of an Australian Potter, living and ...
Score: 9.36 Category: Crafts\Ceramic Art and Pottery

Harry, It Sucks

Recollections and collections of Harry Chapin music, drawings, pictures and ...
Score: 9.36 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Debbie's Collection

The stories on this site are mostly Roswell and Harry ...
Score: 9.09 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

J. K. Potter

A presentation of J. K. Potter artwork and information.
Score: 9.07 Category: Genres\Horror


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