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Little Film

Created by the writers of "Super 8 in the Digital ...
Score: 10.95 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

The International Film School Sydney provides Film Production Film Directing course

SIFS-Sydney International Film School Australia provides innovative Film production, Film ...
Score: 9.99 Category: Movies\Education

Gloucestershire On Screen

Gloucestershire On Screen, a website set up to examine the ...
Score: 9.61 Category: Movies\History

London Film Academy

Industry professionals teach courses in this vocational approach to filmmaking. ...
Score: 9.37 Category: Movies\Education


Stuff worth watching. An online Film community dedicated to Making ...
Score: 9.31 Category: Movies\Filmmaking


Resource for low-budget Film-makers. Features the 'Complete Eejits Guide to ...
Score: 9.24 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

College of tv, Film and Creative Arts

College of Tv, Film and Creative Arts - M Media ...
Score: 9.10 Category: Education

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

Showcasing international Jewish Film Making with an online database of ...
Score: 8.99 Category: Movies\Cultures and Groups

London Lesbian Film Festival

Annual event to showcase lesbian Film Making in Canada.
Score: 8.96 Category: Movies\Film Festivals

Making The Film

This site aims to educate and inspire would-be Film-makers. Includes ...
Score: 8.87 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

The Los Angeles Film School

Offers a one-year immersion filmmaking program, a digital Film Making ...
Score: 8.83 Category: Movies\Education

Crossroads Film Festival

Jackson, Mississippi, festival of independent Film Making.
Score: 8.82 Category: Movies\Film Festivals

University Film and Video Association

Promotes interest in the Making and teaching of Film and ...
Score: 8.78 Category: Movies\Organizations

Kris: The Making of a Saint

Production information about the Film, Kris: The Making of a ...
Score: 8.64 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Back Yard Junk Productions

Offering low budget Film Making and choreography.
Score: 7.94 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

SpiritCrafts Candle

SpiritCrafts is your source for Candle Making Supply, Soap Making ...
Score: 7.85 Category: Crafts\Soaps

Nature Candle & Soap Supplies

Here you will find everything you need to produce many ...
Score: 7.83 Category: Crafts\Soaps

Star Wars Jedi Archives Forums

Community about master replicas and collecting, Film Making, graphics and ...
Score: 7.78 Category: Movies\Titles

Summer School in Film making

Course details, prices and application form for this course taught ...
Score: 7.71 Category: Movies\Education


Official site for the movie with pictures of the cast ...
Score: 7.71 Category: Movies\Titles

Soap Crafters Company

We offer wholesale pricing on soap Making supplies and lip ...
Score: 7.55 Category: Crafts\Soaps

Card Making - 3 Tails Craft

3Tails Craft offers the best personalized wedding invitations QLD has ...
Score: 7.50 Category: Crafts

24 Hour Party People

Following the Making of Michael Winterbottom's new Film, the rise ...
Score: 7.48 Category: Movies\Titles

Gliner, Bob

Award-winning documentary filmmaker. Includes biography, filmography, reviews and awards, plus ...
Score: 7.48 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

How To Make Your Movie

Interactive CD-ROM that simulates the environment of a Film school, ...
Score: 7.48 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

The Claim

Official site for The Claim, featuring comprehensive coverage of the ...
Score: 7.46 Category: Movies\Titles

Tail Slate Magazine

Contains commentaries and articles related to filmmaking. Journals the process ...
Score: 7.41 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

The Day Carl Sandburg Died

Weblog discusses the Making of a documentary Film about the ...
Score: 7.27 Category: Literature\Authors

The Musical Instrument Makers Forum

Acoustic guitar building, electric guitar Making, archtop guitar building, violin ...
Score: 7.26 Category: Music\Instruments

A Complete Production House

Greenleaf Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is a young Indian Film, web ...
Score: 7.25 Category: Entertainment\Video

Merion David Attwood

I first started instrument Making when I was 15 , ...
Score: 7.22 Category: Music\Instruments

Carol Barton and Popular Kinetics Press teach making pop-ups and sculptural books

This site offers instructions on Making pop-up books and cards, ...
Score: 7.10 Category: Crafts\Book Arts

The Wild Earth School

Offering classes in basic skills, wood turning, cabinetmaking, chair-Making, carving, ...
Score: 7.08 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

TopMark Products

Suppliers of Silicone Rubber, Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Pigments, Clays and many ...
Score: 7.07 Category: Crafts\Modeling Compounds

Chicago Asian American Showcase

Celebrating Asian-American Film Making talent. Held annually in April.
Score: 6.98 Category: Movies\Film Festivals

Infallible Crew

Infallible Crew documenting their mission of turntablism, skateboarding, Film and ...
Score: 6.98 Category: Music\DJs

Soap Making Fun

Natural soap Making encompasses a wide variety of processes and ...
Score: 6.98 Category: Crafts\Soaps

Hayashi, Toshihiro

Black and white fine art photographs taken with pinhole and ...
Score: 6.96 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles


Stampingallday text stamps are designed especially for card Making and ...
Score: 6.92 Category: Crafts\Rubber Stamping

Trevor Semple Guitars

Luthier. Guitar Making, products, articles, lectures and resources relating to ...
Score: 6.90 Category: Music\Instruments

Architectural Model Making Specialists

Modelmakers” is a long established model Making company with a ...
Score: 6.88 Category: Architecture

FCLS Film-Center

Collecting 8, 16, and 35mm Film and information. How to ...
Score: 6.84 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Suited and Booted Community Video

Provide digital Film Making opportunities to a wide range of ...
Score: 6.80 Category: Entertainment\Video

Jewelry Making Meetup

Promoting local gatherings among jewelry Making enthusiastics.
Score: 6.76 Category: Crafts\Jewelry

Film Sound Theory

Film Sound Design - theoretical and practical aspects on motion ...
Score: 6.74 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

WoodWorker Academy

Offering regularly scheduled classes in fundamentals, hand tool, power tool, ...
Score: 6.69 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

UK Onscreen

I am really interested in Film-Making and I love the ...
Score: 6.69 Category: Movies\Trivia

Black Sheep Films

Independent feature Film production company Making video documentaries and low-budget ...
Score: 6.64 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

California Film Institue

Supports a wide range of Film-related projects in northern California, ...
Score: 6.58 Category: Movies\Theaters

Candle Making Techniques

Illustrated candle Making instructions, step by step projects, message boards, ...
Score: 6.53 Category: Crafts\Candles

Making Oboe Reeds

Information about Making American style long-scraped oboe reeds both for ...
Score: 6.53 Category: Music\Instruments

Art's Wood Shop & School of Woodworking

Offers three separate six-day courses entitled Fundamentals of Woodworking, Fundamentals ...
Score: 6.52 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

Elizabeth Orchard

Creative classes in Making reproduction antiques, plaster cast and mould ...
Score: 6.52 Category: Crafts\Classes and Projects

Peter Prier and Sons Violins

Salt Lake City founder of the Violin Making School and ...
Score: 6.50 Category: Music\Instruments

Soap Molds - Custom Personalized Molds

Mold Market designs and manufactures high quality plastic soap molds ...
Score: 6.48 Category: Crafts\Soaps

Northern Berkshire Creative Arts

Provides a broad range of studio classes in both traditional ...
Score: 6.39 Category: Visual Arts\Education

Card Making World

Card Making ideas and techniques, dry embossing, 3d decoupage, frugal ...
Score: 6.37 Category: Crafts\Classes and Projects

Corset Making Supplies

Corset Making supplies for professional or hobby use. Busks, boning, ...
Score: 6.29 Category: Design\Fashion

Flatland Film Festival

Lubbock, Texas. Annual. A short Film/video competition and Film invitational.
Score: 6.26 Category: Movies\Film Festivals

Fargo Film Festival

An annual event focusing on historic Film and the importance ...
Score: 6.25 Category: Movies\Film Festivals


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