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The Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo Anthology

About an Anthology of short Stories created by internationally diverse ...
Score: 12.36 Category: Online Writing\E-zines

Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine Contest

Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine seeks short Stories in the mystery ...
Score: 12.12 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Mixed: Stories About Being Biracial or Multiracial in America

The Stories must not exceed 8,000 words and must speak ...
Score: 10.54 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Little Lit

Official site for children's comics Anthology, with sample Stories, artist ...
Score: 10.35 Category: Comics\Creators

Silent Voices

Annual literary journal and nationwide Anthology of collected short Stories. ...
Score: 10.15 Category: Literature\Magazines and E-zines


Online magazine anthologized in print, featuring concise prose and nonfiction ...
Score: 10.05 Category: Literature\Magazines and E-zines

Fish Publishing

Provides information on the international annual short story contest which ...
Score: 9.96 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Neal Pollack

I've written four books: Alternadad, Never Mind The Pollacks, The ...
Score: 9.88 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

Tom Howard Short Story Contest

Seeks original Stories and essays, up to 8,000 words, either ...
Score: 8.92 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Palter, DC

I have put my short Stories here for you to ...
Score: 7.46 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

More Short Stories

More Short Stories is a website by short story writers ...
Score: 7.28 Category: Literature\Short Stories

True Horse Stories

Here you can share your Stories - your encounters with ...
Score: 7.17 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

Works in Progress and Update Archives

An archive for Stories that are not yet completed, including ...
Score: 7.15 Category: Television\Programs

Tenjo Tenge, GetBackers and CapCom Gals Anthology.
Score: 7.05 Category: Comics\Manga

The Broken Net Anthology

A small collection of original essays and verse.
Score: 6.97 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Raye, Kimberly

Romance author of BURNING UP, an erotic Anthology from St. ...
Score: 6.90 Category: Literature\Genres

Schwab, Helmut - American Short Stories and Others

Short Stories set mostly in America. Includes four Stories by ...
Score: 6.88 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Bewildering Stories

Bewildering Stories features experimental writing in science fiction, fantasy and ...
Score: 6.84 Category: Literature\Genres

Peter Greenaway Net

Pictorial itinerary of an image maker, introduction, artwork, and Anthology.
Score: 6.83 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Pulp Kitchen Comics

Self-published comic Anthology. Offers previews and ordering information.
Score: 6.83 Category: Comics\Online


Complete sheet music collection of Salomon Sulzer as well as ...
Score: 6.76 Category: Music\Styles

MeatHaus Comix

A comic Anthology from a collection of New York cartoonists ...
Score: 6.76 Category: Comics\Titles

Short Stories by George Sweeney

Short Stories by George Sweeney. The Stories include drama, suspense, ...
Score: 6.70 Category: Online Writing\Fiction


Webzine based in Asia, with a printed Anthology to be ...
Score: 6.69 Category: Online Writing\E-zines

Butterflies and Wheels

Our archive of news Stories relevant to the project of ...
Score: 6.64 Category: Humanities\Critical Theory

Mike Mariano: The Online Anthology

Plays include The Marley Show, I Am The Devil, Jack ...
Score: 6.62 Category: Literature\Drama

Arora, Neelam

Comic book writer. First published work appears in Arsenal Pulp ...
Score: 6.62 Category: Comics\Creators

Williams, Matt - Poetropical

Poetry notebook, Anthology, news, honored treefrogs (unknown poets), and a ...
Score: 6.56 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Scribble Poetry on the Net

Quarterly Review of Poets' submissions, Wordlovers conference, Anthology and writers' ...
Score: 6.43 Category: Literature\World Literature

A Passage Through August

Illustrated poetry Anthology presents philosophic views of our "journey" through ...
Score: 6.43 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

The A.I.: Artificial Intelligence Fanfiction Online Anthology

Fanfiction classified by character and the film's timeframe.
Score: 6.41 Category: Movies\Titles

Beastie Boys: Anthology Exhibition

Exhibition info, press release, images, art production.
Score: 6.39 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Works for Children & Adults, 1800-1872

Anthology of early American works, with summary. Some text available ...
Score: 6.36 Category: Literature\World Literature

Stevie Ray Vaughan Fan Club

Information about the club including news, Anthology, collectibles, and tours.
Score: 6.36 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Poems of the Fantastic and Macabre

Anthology of poems from the Middle Ages to the modern ...
Score: 6.25 Category: Literature\Poetry

Shadowhouse Press

Publishers of Shadow House, a horror comic Anthology. With publication ...
Score: 6.21 Category: Comics\Publishers

Funtime Comics

A group of artists and enthusiasts from Christchurch, New Zealand ...
Score: 6.21 Category: Comics\Organizations and Institutions

The Scribblers of Brevard

A writer's club located in Melbourne, Florida. The club publishes ...
Score: 6.16 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

201 Stories by Anton Chekhov

English versions of author's Stories, with annotations.
Score: 6.12 Category: Literature\World Literature

Yours Completely

Contains novels, short Stories, hosted Stories, tips, quizzes, and links.
Score: 6.12 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Hardluck Stories

Short Stories, interviews, and reviews of hardboiled and noir fiction.
Score: 6.12 Category: Literature\Genres

Greatest Story Ever Told

Collecting Stories about the scene, read Stories and submit your ...
Score: 6.12 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Hernandez, Arturo - Stories Bizarre

A collection of poems and short Stories.
Score: 6.11 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Philadelphia Stories

Literature, poetry, essays, and true Stories of the Delaware Valley. ...
Score: 6.09 Category: Literature\Magazines and E-zines


Poems, short Stories, opinion essays and paintings.
Score: 6.09 Category: Online Writing\Mixed Genre

Transformation Stories List

Books and Stories with shapeshifting (werewolves, and nanotechnology) as a ...
Score: 6.06 Category: Literature\Genres

Surprising Stories

Fanzine featuring SF-related short Stories, poetry and articles from published ...
Score: 6.06 Category: Literature\Genres

One Minute Stories

A new, very short story every day (almost). Odd, oblique ...
Score: 6.06 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Cooke, Richard

An Anthology of new music and scores by Richard Cooke, ...
Score: 6.00 Category: Music\Composition

Anthology Film Archives

Screening site and film preservation center, located at 2nd Ave ...
Score: 6.00 Category: Movies\Filmmaking

Poetry Daily

An Anthology of contemporary poetry offering new poems from books, ...
Score: 6.00 Category: Literature\Poetry


Features in-depth photojournalism, Stories and photo essays. Includes commentary from ...
Score: 6.00 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Forever Knight Fan Fiction

The single largest collection on-line, with more than 2,500 Stories. ...
Score: 6.00 Category: Television\Programs

George and Ira Gershwin

Official site. Celebrating and archiving the lives of the brothers ...
Score: 5.97 Category: Music\Composition

Sergio Troncoso

Links to his short Stories and essays. Biographical information and ...
Score: 5.96 Category: Literature\Authors

Planet Relish

Humorous science fiction, fantasy, and horror Stories are published monthly. ...
Score: 5.92 Category: Genres\Science Fiction and Fantasy


An archive for non-adult fiction, including those Stories posted to ...
Score: 5.88 Category: Television\Programs

Strauss, Kevin

Folktales and nature Stories for children and adults. Program descriptions, ...
Score: 5.88 Category: Performing Arts\Storytelling

South Carolina Writers Workshop

A literary arts organization serving both new and established writers. ...
Score: 5.79 Category: Entertainment\Writers Resources

Pira Sudham: Stories from Thailand

His novel and short Stories provide insights into Thai life, ...
Score: 5.72 Category: Literature\Authors


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