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Death God

Fansite with character profiles, episode summaries, and Death Note terms.
Score: 8.95 Category: Animation\Anime

The infernal Varanne

A group of stuntmen that perform several feats including the ...
Score: 8.83 Category: Performing Arts\Stunts

Slaughter Productions

A Death-industrial project of Italian artist Marco Corbelli's since 1992. ...
Score: 8.55 Category: Music\Styles

Absolute Death Metal

A collection of links, contact information, tour dates and interviews ...
Score: 8.33 Category: Music\Styles

Lübeck's Dance of Death

Story of the Dance of Death painting in St Mary's ...
Score: 7.96 Category: Art History

Information On Kurt Cobain's Suicide

An opinion on Kurt's Death and Tom Grant. Documents related ...
Score: 7.40 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Hundreds of book reviews for 10-15 Year-olds as written by ...
Score: 6.89 Category: Literature\Children's

Buchanan, John - Outsider's Poetry

A multi-Year collection from a 30-Year Old male author.
Score: 6.89 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Carmean, Craig

Nominated for Comedian of the Year and Entertainer of the ...
Score: 6.84 Category: Performing Arts\Comedy

Sunshine State Quilters Association

Meets three or four times a Year in different Florida ...
Score: 6.63 Category: Crafts\Quilting

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts)

One-Year certificate and two-Year diploma programs in classical and computer ...
Score: 6.53 Category: Animation\Training

American Woodcarving School

Holds regular day and evening classes 52 weeks out of ...
Score: 6.53 Category: Crafts\Woodcraft

The Heart Gallery

Includes lyrics, Year-by-Year photo gallery, web forum, and links to ...
Score: 6.45 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Mrs Trinder's Art Site

Year 7 through to Year 13 art resources, lesson plans, ...
Score: 6.45 Category: Education\Educators

Riverrun International Film Festival

Festival for short films. Features this Year's plans and entry ...
Score: 6.42 Category: Movies\Film Festivals

Visions of Science Photographic Competition

Includes the aims of the competition, categories (which change each ...
Score: 6.39 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Boogie Kings

One of the world's longest surviving blue eyed soul horn ...
Score: 6.33 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Fundacion Villanueva

A non-profit foundation dedicated to exploring and presenting the life ...
Score: 6.30 Category: Architecture\History

Lakehead University

Offers a 3 Year BA degree and a 4 Year ...
Score: 6.26 Category: Visual Arts\Education

Year Of King

Publishers website celebrating 2002 The Year of King. The sites ...
Score: 6.24 Category: Literature\Authors

Salsbury, Richard

Literary and science fiction and articles. Free online fiction short ...
Score: 6.16 Category: Genres\Literary Fiction

Year of the Blues 2003

'03 marks a century of blues. Site is devoted to ...
Score: 6.12 Category: Music\Styles

Richard Kimble The Fugitive

Tribute to the series Year by Year. Also includes a ...
Score: 6.08 Category: Television\Programs

East 15 Acting School

Loughton, Essex. Offers a three Year BA Degree in acting ...
Score: 6.08 Category: Performing Arts\Acting

Brighton Festival Chorus

Performs throughout the Year in concerts at major venues on ...
Score: 6.03 Category: Music\Styles

The Annie Awards

"The highest honor given for excellence in animation. Each Year, ...
Score: 6.02 Category: Animation\Awards

Jazz Roots

Tom Morgan offers lavishly illustrated profiles of early 20th century ...
Score: 5.98 Category: Music\Styles


Biography, facts, and theories about his Death.
Score: 5.94 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Sapiens End

Dutch Death metal band.
Score: 5.88 Category: Music\Styles

Abyss of Death

Listing of metal bands' site links.
Score: 5.81 Category: Music\Styles


Official site for this Swedish Death metal band.
Score: 5.81 Category: Music\Styles

Lee, Linda Hope

An artist, and the author of Death in the Dunes.
Score: 5.81 Category: Literature\Genres


Official website for the New York Death Metal band.
Score: 5.81 Category: Music\Styles


Melodic Death metal band from Montreal, QC (Canada).
Score: 5.81 Category: Music\Styles

Chronicles of Life and Death

Features news, biography, and photos.
Score: 5.81 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Voodoo Church

Death rock band. MP3s and profile.
Score: 5.81 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

London Painting and Decorating

G.D Parvin, London Painting and Decorator Company with over 15 ...
Score: 5.76 Category: Architecture

Art Of Discipline

Official site for this industrial Death metal project.
Score: 5.75 Category: Music\Styles

Sutton, D. N. - SoulSite

Poems on romantic love, Death, grieving, and miracles.
Score: 5.75 Category: Online Writing\Poetry

Death is your art

Wallpapers featuring cast and characters from Buffy and Angel.
Score: 5.75 Category: Television\Programs


Personal reflective writings on life, Death and the things that ...
Score: 5.75 Category: Online Writing\Journals

Tuttie, Elizabeth

Large format platinum. Images of Death, the self and landscapes.
Score: 5.75 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles


Official home for this Death rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
Score: 5.75 Category: Music\Styles


Official site for this Swiss power Death metal band.
Score: 5.75 Category: Music\Styles


News, interviews, and reviews of Death, grindcore, and gore metal ...
Score: 5.69 Category: Music\Styles

The Krypt

Themes of horror, despair and Death. Original fiction by the ...
Score: 5.69 Category: Online Writing\Fiction

Rapanos, George

Covers subjects such as enlightenment, immortality, rebirth, angels, and Death.
Score: 5.69 Category: Online Writing\Poetry


Southern US Death metal band. Site contains news, biography, and ...
Score: 5.69 Category: Music\Bands and Artists


Death metal band from Mexico. Offers news, a biography and ...
Score: 5.69 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Stench Of Death

Dutch band. News, history, biography, MP3s and links.
Score: 5.69 Category: Music\Styles

The Seekers

Sailor Moon RPG for serious, mature players. There is and ...
Score: 5.69 Category: Animation\Anime

VII Arcano

Death thrash band from Italy. A mix between Slayer and ...
Score: 5.69 Category: Music\Styles


About dragons, Dragunz actually, who live with humans, an elf, ...
Score: 5.69 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels

Dead Remains

Information about the German Death Metal Band. Biography, photos, and ...
Score: 5.63 Category: Music\Styles


News, timeline, discography and pictures from the Death metal band. ...
Score: 5.63 Category: Music\Bands and Artists

Delicious Death

Complete bibliography, organized by date and character, with synopses and ...
Score: 5.63 Category: Literature\Genres


The official website for this Hudson Valley (NY) based Brutal ...
Score: 5.63 Category: Music\Styles

Death In June - Official site

News, releases, mail order, mailing list.
Score: 5.63 Category: Music\Styles

Light, Ken

From Texas Death row to rural Mississippi. Also a stock ...
Score: 5.63 Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Death Gets A Website

Details the mundane events that make up the daily routine ...
Score: 5.63 Category: Comics\Comic Strips and Panels


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