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Reimert, Paul

The artist makes ceramic collages. Life size figures assembled from ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Waller, Patricia

Food art and social comment in woolen crochet work. [German ... Category: Visual Arts\Sculpture

Ullerich, Susanne

Photography, film, poetry, and drawings. Figurative. Background music. Flash. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Weisse, Markus A.

Abstract paintings, computer graphics (including animations) and robot sculptures. Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Diehl, Markus

German artist presents 'Pop-Temple Hamburg' with photos, projects, and artworks, ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Bayer, Norbert

German artist presents a digital portfolio of "Mister Ministeck" with ... Category: Visual Arts\Personal

Blue Man Group

Official site of the eclectic performance group, includes performance information, ... Category: Visual Arts\Performance Art

Tulip Enterprises

Pop art applied to Night club walls and floors painted ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Roolfs, Kerstin

Collection of expressionist and symbolic paintings by the German artist. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Lazich, Alexander G.

Paintings and pencil drawings from an artist presently residing in ... Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Boris, Boris

Selection of figurative works created using spray paint. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Theis, Hermann

Delicately colored paintings and drawings. In English and German. Category: Visual Arts\Painting

Seitz, Georg

Paintings, illustrations and sculptures by the Austrian artist. Includes facts, ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Seifert, Brita

Surreal landscapes, painted dreams, webdesign and every 8 weeks a ... Category: Visual Arts\Multiple Media Artists

Mullerdechiara Gallery

Representing the works of artists including Ellen Harvey, Christoph Draeger ... Category: Visual Arts\Galleries

Offers detailed information for exhibitions, artists, museums and galleries in ... Category: Visual Arts\Directories

Jansen, Edgar

Portraits and drawings of dancers and musicians in an impressionist ... Category: Visual Arts\Drawing

Ruediger, Jo

See over 100 small pieces of digital art. Separated into ... Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics

Geist, Philipp

Young contemporary art - Video, digital art, painting, abstract photopainting. Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics


Erstellung von Illustrationen, Animationen, 3d, Comics, Cinema4d. Category: Visual Arts\Computer Graphics


Studio of Philip Geist. Includes biography, resume, projects, concepts and ... Category: Entertainment\Video

Zwei-Stein Video Editor

Zwei-Stein is a free 256 track video editor / compositor. Category: Entertainment\Video


The website of Till Fuhrmann, one of the series' costume ... Category: Television\Programs


Features the latest hits, news, horoscopes, top 30 list, and ... Category: Radio\Regional

Hagemann, Matthias

Camera obscura works of Matthias Hagemann from Berlin, Seville, Barcelona. ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Levin, Mikael

Presents projects "War Story", "Common Places", "The Border Project" and ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

van der Helm, Wim

Of Rwanda, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Congo, and other essays. Berlin ... Category: Photography\Techniques and Styles

Hoppe, Dieter

German photographer's photographs of New York City. Category: Photography\Photographers

Honnor, Julius

Galleries of color and black and white images showing architectural ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Laska, Robert

Experimental portraits in color and black and white. Photographic techniques ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Jankowski, Jo

People photography in categories like heaven, suits, skin, jobs, mad ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Seeburger, Christoph

Architecture, interiors, industrial, landscape, editorial and personal photography. Category: Photography\Photographers

Thompson, Jeff

Photographs of London, people and pets, as well as events, ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Davies, John

Documentary landscape work from the UK and Europe. Career and ... Category: Photography\Photographers

Pons, Gabina

Male, and female nudes striking dramatic poses in unusual places. Category: Photography\Photographers

Habluetzel, Joanna

Features travel and documentary photography, as well as a small ... Category: Photography\Photographers


Based in New York featuring emerging photographic talent from all ... Category: Photography\Magazines and E-zines

Berger, Peter Sven

Landscapes, people, and sports from an abstract perspective. German photographer. Category: Photography\Photographers

Photomic Gallery

Photographs by several photographers, primarily from Germany. Focus is on ... Category: Photography\Art Galleries

Photolink .de

International links to photography sites. [German and English] Category: Photography\Directories


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