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Vintage Tatting


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Tatting has been the favorite form of fancy work since the 16th Century, and possesses endless possibilities of adaptation. The shuttles used at that time were exquisitely made in ivory, gold and silver, and one may see in museums the beautiful and costly inlaid shuttles. The term Tatting is derived from an Indian word "Tattie," which means to make tight or taut,--a sort of half knotted work done with different sized shuttles and many kinds of thread, The French call it "Frivolite" from its delicate and lacy appearance. In the present day simple designs are combined with novelty braids, laces and hand embroidery, thus giving to these modern designs an artistic effect almost equal to the fragile and beautiful ones of the 16th Century.

Tatting has been the favorite form of fancy work since the 16th Century, and possesses endless possibilities of adaptation.

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