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A Place of Inspiration & Innovation that provides Modern Edition, Set Edition, Limited Edition, & Open Edition Art in a Limited Series of Giclee Art Prints. We offer a wide variety of art prints for restaurants, hotels, galleries, framers, interior designers, architects, art consultants, private art collectors, art enthusiasts and consumers worldwide. Incorporating paint, photography, illustration, and computer technology he creatively experiments into the unknown. Intruiged by space exploration, ancient mysteries, legendary art masters and life discoverys, his thirst for appreciation creates art. True art is inspired by humanity and each artwork reflects a pride, love, and respect for it.

Description: The Modern Edition Art of J.Eyers
The Modern Edition Art of J.Eyers provides Modern Edition, Set Edition, Limited Edition & Open Edition Art in a Limited Series of Giclee Art Prints. Studying the work of legendary art masters, J.Eyers has unlocked valuable knowledge of how their art effects our emotional state of consciousness. Inspired by their intense devotion, proactive solutions and innovative concepts, Jared has created a new artform and method for change called “Abstract Emotionalism”.

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