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Images of a private collection with lots of pictures and information.

Description: RAND AFRICAN ART home page
randafricanart.com is a website dedicated to my collection and contains pictures and information relating to the item and the tribes that produce the items. I have a nice collection of Senufo firespitter masks, also known as Senufo Kagba mask, Senufo Wanyugo mask and Senufo Kponyugo mask and also contains a nice Senufo Kpelie mask. Also in the collection is a superb Ekoi figure , Songye nkisi and mankishi figures as well as Songye Kifwebe masks , Bamana Boli and Bamana Tji Wara figures (Bamana Chi wara), Bamileke beaded elephant mask of the Kuosi society, Bamileke cowrie shell elephant mask of the Kuosi society and a nice Bamun cane or staff, Grasslands Babanki style elephant mask, Tikar house figures, Luba bowstand, Luba headrests and Luba pipe and Luba rattles or Luba shakaree, Kuba Ngady aMwaash mask and Kuba Bwoom mask and Kuba Mukenga or Kuba Moshambwooy mask, Fang biere figures as well as a nice Fang Ngontang mask and Fang Ngil mask, Asante akuaba dolls also known as Asante Akua'ba dolls, Baga snake (Baga Bansonyi or Baga a-Mantsho-na-Tshol snake) and baga nimba figure, Mbole ofika figure, Dogon grainery door, Bete and Guere masks, an excellent Kongo nkondi nail fetish, a Mangbetu standing harp, a nice Baule monkey figure also known as Baule Gbekre, a nice pair of Mumuye Iagalagana Figures, my Bungled Jungle creatures collection (Bungled Jungle is based out of Colorado), a nice Northwest Coast Indian orca rattle, a very nice Garuda and Vishnu carving out of ebony wood, a painting done by a dolphin, and a little about me Rand Smith-Rand African Art.

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