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Precious Egg - Decorative Egg Artistry


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My interest in decorative eggs started as a young child when my mother gave me a panoramic sugar egg for Easter. There was a peephole on one end with an enchanting Easter scenery inside. Many years later, I happened to watch a documentary on decorative eggs on TV. This sparked an interest in me and I started reading up on this age old art, and hence my desire to create decorative eggs was born.

Description: Precious Egg - Decorated Egg Art. Precious Egg
Starting with an idea, a picture in my mind of what kind of egg I want to make, the creation process begins. It takes time and patience to add all the little details that makes up a Precious Egg. I started out making jewelry boxes, and then tried my hand at panoramic sceneries with figurines. Lately I have been working on more artistic eggs where the egg itself is the main focus point.

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