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New Tribe Tattooing and Piercing


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Shop location and history, artist profiles and image galleries of previous works. Aftercare and frequently asked question sections on tattooing and piercing as well as information on custom services.

Description: New Tribe Tattooing & Piercing - 416.977.2786
New tribe has 5 full-time Tattoo artists on staff. Between them, they are able to handle any tattoo request a customer may have, be it flash, custom, traditional, tribal, Japanese, Celtic, Haida, Portraits, etc... Our 4 body piercers are professionally trained and well versed in piercing placement, aftercare and body anatomy and physiology. They are experienced in all forms of body piercing, from the mild, Navels and Eyebrows to the wild, such as Dermal Punching and Surface Piercing. New Tribe is conveniently located at 232 Queen st.West, second floor. We have been in our same location since 1994! This is in the heart of Toronto's hip Queen West district, across the street from the CHUM/City building, home to City TV, MuchMusic and more!

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