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Little Wren Pottery


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I set up this blog in the hope that it値l enlighten you of some of my adventures in clay and other crafts. If you致e ordered something from me you値l hopefully get to see the transformation of a piece from lump of clay to finished object. I値l also be posting interesting bits I find from around the internet and featuring other great crafters I find.

Description: Little Wren Pottery - English handthrown stoneware pottery
Little Wren Pottery is a UK handmade ceramics studio focusing on functional, decorative wheel thrown pottery. Despite their diminutive size little Wrens are feisty birds who fill our world with beautiful songs. Their name means 祖ave dweller from their tendency to forage for food in dark places. Little Wren Pottery is a handmade ceramics studio run by English potter Victoria Baker in the northern city of Sunderland. Sunderland has a history of producing good quality robust ceramics which today still hold their value in antiques auctions. Little Wren Pottery focuses on everyday objects which are both elegant and functional. Much of my work is inspired by Japanese Pottery in particular Shoji Hamada, my travels in Europe and also other local English potters.

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