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Educaedu United States


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Educaedu United States is a website designed to help people all around the world who are interested in continuing their education with over 1 500 courses on its database. We are a global web that allows you to advertise and search for programs in 18 countries and 8 languages. Universities and colleges can find thousands of students, not only in their home countries, but in others as well. Our system allows you to attract students more effectively than others forms of advertising like newspapers, television and radio.

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Educaedu is the online education directory leader where institutions from all over the World can advertise their programs to attract students and fill their classrooms. Currently, it contains more than 92,000 courses in all of its networks and users can access it in 8 different languages. We allow students to view educational programs in other countries. It is a successful company whose goal is to create an online education community where users can interact and share experiences and information.

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