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Hi. My name is Daniel Carrizo and I am from Argentina. I am in illustrator and cartoonist and am currently searching for work. My style is varied but I specialise in manga, comics, and amerimanga. Comics are my passion. Here are my websites with many examples of my work, and an extensive gallery. I hope to hear from you soon.

Description: DP studio: HAZEF
I am a graphic techniques, complete my studies at the institute Juan Gutemberg Mendoza Argentina, in 2008. I started working on some fancines in 2002, then as a freelance illustrator. In 2006 I published comic called "HAZPRO" in mendoza argentina, thanks to the editorial group alpha. Some work as a nn 2007 (rock cover of the album "LIBRE"), Mendotaku 2008 (EVENT) and BYU Pre-Dental 2009 were graphics solutions for events and packages.

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