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Comedian Hypnotist The Incredible BORIS - A Hilarious Hypnotic Event


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Boris is a motivational hypnotist comedian. He is a multiple award-winning entertainer, stage hypnotist and a regular TV guest expert. Boris has appeared on Maury, where he helps eliminate unusual fears and phobias. Other TV appearances include Montel, Howie Mandel Show, The Vegas Show, Comedy Awards, Comics and more. His funny hypnosis show complements any event theme ideas. Watch online video clips and forward video links to your entertainment planning committee. This online resource helps you in booking this exciting and humorous keynote entertainment. Contact The Hypnotist to discuss your entertainment needs. Boris is a certified hypnotist performing comedy hypnosis internationally.

Description: Comedian Hypnotist Incredible BORIS Funny Hypnotic Event
Boris' Press Kit and Promotional Package contains online videos, stage and technical requirements, high resolution pictures, blank contracts, brochures, posters and reference letters. Are you looking for a spectacular event speaker, interactive entertainment team building ideas and activities? Boris offers a humorous keynote presentation that will entertain and enlighten through laughter. Book a hypnotist for your special event. The hypnotism show is team building and ideal for a corporate function, convention, sales awards dinner, college event, casino, theatre.

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