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I'm Simon Wright and welcome to my website! I've set it up to showcase some of the writing that I do. To start with, I've included a page to showcase my comedy sketches, plus some TV format sketches and a Short Stories page. There's also a writing resources page, a couple of pages that feature links to some personal finance and sports-related articles that I have written and a page about the Wright side of the Moone comedy shows that I've been involved in producing.

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I write comedy sketches and have them performed at theatres and comedy venues in Scotland. On this page, I've included the scripts for three of my sketches. 'Stuck in Scotland with no ray gun' is one of my personal favourites and centres around an alien who has crash-landed in Bonnybridge in Scotland. Bonnybridge is known for its many UFO sightings. By means of an inter galactic translation device a local cop and two mysterious agents are able to query the alien.

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