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Captioning Jerry Springer

Controversy erupts over the captioning of "The Jerry Springer Show".

On Target With Mr. G. -- It's sleazy and you have a right to see it.

Opinion on support for the show.

Jacquelyn Mitchard: The Jerry Springer Debacle

Opinion on how the show promotes bad tastes.

Jerry Springer

Opinion on how the host promotes "stupid women".

Jerry Springer

View on how Jerry Springer is a "Sinner".

Jews For Jerry

Support page created by a group of fans.

What I've Learned From Watching Jerry Springer

Sarcastic opinion piece on the show.

We're Not Jerry Springer

Messages people sent to the wrong Web site, thinking it ...

The Jerry Springer Show

Fictitious dialogue based on the series.

Jenny's Almighty Web Page

List of things the series has in common with wrestling ...

The Top 16 Signs Your Kids Have Been Watching Too Much "Jerry Springer"

Actual sentences found in church bulletins and newsletters that read ...

The Jerry Springer Drinking Game

Rules and list of things needed to play.

Today on the Jerry Springer show...

Random topic generator for the series.

WWWF Grudge Match: Jerry Springer vs. Geraldo Rivera

Suggests a scenario of what would happen if daytime talk ...

XVR27's Homepage

Lyrics to a song by Al Yankovic based on the ...

Jerry Springer Links

Links to various Jerry Springer sites.

E! Online News - Jerry Springer: Sleaze Rules

Information on the shows ratings.

E! Online News - Jerry Springer Quits News Job

Written about the host's short commentary job.

Jerry Springer -- Libertarian

Information on how the host calls himself a "libertarian".

Seattle Times

Article written about the shows ratings.

Chicago Cigar Smoker

An interview with Jerry Springer.

Online Athens

Article about admissions on the show.

The Controversy Continues

Article on Jerry Springer's testimony before the Chicago City Council.

Wireless Flash: "Jerry Springer Show" Inspires New Drinking Game

Describes a game based on the show.

G21 Tabloid Hart - The Springer Dish

Writer's opinion of the show.

Jerry Springer TV

Official site for the show. Video clips, show ideas, and ...


Fan made music promoting the show and host. - Jerry Springer

News, reviews, general information and a forum.

Jerry Springer Project

Research project focusing on error concealment ("explicit word beeps") in ...

The Jerry Springer Show

Show information and episode reviews.

Jerry Springer Show

An unofficial fan club with information, games and pictures.

Colin's Jerry Springer Show Site

Information and facts on the show.

The Jerry Springer Fan Page

Biography, video clips, and merchandise.

IMDb: Jenny Jones

Show summary and information. Jenny Jones

Directory of sites with content related to the show.

IMDb: Faces & Names

Cast, crew, and production information.

IMDb: Ellen DeGeneres Show, The

Cast, crew, and production information.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Official production company site. Includes air schedule, information on obtaining ...

Washington Post: Medium Crosses The Line: WTC Segment Canned

"John Edward, the medium who hosts the chat-with-the-dead show 'Crossing ...

Media Life: Oops! USA Yanks WTC Sťance Stunt

"After getting grief from advertisers and station managers, and presumably ...