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Alida's Tatting

A tatted box is one of the items shown on ...

Danaw Tatted

Her grand-daughter created this memorial to the tatting art of ...

Tracy's Tats

Tracy shares four of her doilies.

Ullas Occhi-World

Four German designers share a website. Besides the more than ...

Lindsay Art 'n' Lace

Lindsay Rogers from Scotland is a designer, author and tutor ...

Emma's Tatting

Emma shares eight original designs, and a photo of a ...

Sharyn Wittmann

South Carolinian Artisan makes hearts, angels and mats.

Lynn Hutchins

Lynn has documented the patterns used in her handkerchief edgings.

Debbie Drake

A communion cloth (with pattern), a tablecloth, and a wedding ...

Julie Daoe's Tatting World

Most of the two dozen items in this gallery are ...

Inger's Orkis

This Danish tatter shares Easter and Christmas projects, plus doilies.

Nina Libin

Semi-precious stones decorate this unique jewelry.

Ladies Home Journal

The June 1895 issue of this women's magazine published two ...


A dozen classic tatting patterns are in this collection.

Ann Brady

An Eastern Star emblem can be downloaded from site.

Tatted bits

This small gallery holds photos of 2 doilies, 2 bookmarks ...

Iris Niebach's Tatting

Iris has put together a photo album of her doilies, ...

Mary Margeret's Tatting

Mary designed a doll dress and a tatting bag.

Rina Stepnaya

Beaded jewelry, tatted by Rina Stepnaya and friends, is the ...

Teen Tatter

Samantha has written two tatting books, the first published at ...

Russian Jewelry

Eight photos are in this little gallery of beaded necklaces.

Kersti Anear, list administrator for e-tatters, has collected a library ...

Knots for R. L.

Erin Poh drafts a poem about tatting through the generations.

Kathy Lowe

Kathy shares a lace hummingbird, 3D flower, vest and nametag.

Mom's Tatted Doily

Cheryl Cummings made this doily for her mother.

Karen Bovard

A silversmith and a lacemaker, Karen tatted a picture of ...


An Italian tatting gallery holds several nice edgings. Click 'next' ...

Marti and Denise Tat

Marti makes earrings. Denise tats a snowflake.

Donna's Gallery

Doilies, bookmarks, a baby bonnets and a crazy quilt are ...

Birgit's Tatting Page

Free original patterns, including hearts, Celtic, snowflake, star, butterfly, angel, ...

Needle Tatting

Several tatters gather here to share pictures and ideas.

Nell's Tatting Page

An autumn corsage and four more unique patterns, all with ...

Rexie's Needle Tatting

Rexie shares a gallery of 30 tatted items.


A doily is used as a placemat for a dinner ...

Janis Cortese

Janis shares her evolution as a tatter, from how she ...

Adele Shakal

Adele shares her favorite tatting resources.

Jennifer Rapacki

Jennifer shares five samples of her tatted works.

Wally Sosa

This experienced tatting teacher shares frivolete lessons in Spanish and ...


Spanish instructions about Tatting. Instrucciones en Espaņol sobre Frivolite (Tatting).

Nancy's Tatting

Nancy, an accomplished seamstress, shares how to make a simple ...