Friday, 28 October, 2016

Art Directories

Cartoons Sites


McDonough, Chris

Cartoons and humorous illustration for advertising, web sites and books. ...

Myrick, Leland

Gallery of black and white and color illustrations. Includes bibliography.


Cartoon Galleries with a number of political cartoons.

Norico, Sakura

Illustrations/ GIF animations by a Japanese girls' comic artist.

O'Brien, Willo

Offers cartoon illustration, animation, and Web and Flash design.

Parsons, Guy

Graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist. His work is all digitally ...

Provencher, Jim

Massachusetts artist specializing in cartooning, humorous illustration, custom clip art, ...

Point du Jour, James

Comic oddities and animated mayhem.

Rowe, James

Specializing in cartoon illustration for the music bands.

Rozwood, Jennifer

Illustrations, cartoons and caricatures for editorial, advertising and personal use.

Rexroad, G.

Original cartoon illustrations with humorous commentaries.

Robinson, Bruce

Cartoonist living in Florida, author of the Good Medicine cartoon ...

Ritstier, Willem

Cartoons, comics, digital work, and greeting cards.

Raffi, Alex

Cartoon illustrations by creator of "Land of Nott".

Robertson, Royston

Freelance UK cartoonist, published in Private Eye, Punch, New Statesman ...

Sias, Ryan

Cartoons featuring 'Silent Kimbly' and work for the documentary "Bowling ...

Smallwood, Steve

Cartoons and humorous illustrations for traditional and digital media.

Smith, Elwood H.

Portfolio of light hearted pen and ink cartoon editorial illustrations ...

Spooner, Joe

Resume and samples of work: cartoons, illustration, page layout and ...

Sipple, Dan

Heavily stylised digital cartoon illustrations and flash animations of people ...

Sutherland , Nigel

A showcase for the work of this British cartoonist, whose ...

Shamray, Gerry

Humor writer and artist, known for his work in American ...

Smith, Rob

Editorial cartoons, caricature, and advertising cartooning.

Shovel, Martin

Colored pencil cartoons and humorous illustrations.

Shelly, Jeff

Cartoon style pen and ink illustrations of people, animals and ...

Sticka, Tyler

Cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer portfolio.

Tonin, Piero

Single frame cartoons, for those with a silly mind.

Cartoon India

Selection of illustrations from the artist Tulal.

Tucker, Curtis D. - The Curtoons Cartoon Company

Freelance cartoon illustrator creating funny cartoon logos, comic clip art, ...

Ulaj, Visar

Satire cartoonist provides portfolio and publications.

Williams, Mike

A showcase of the British artist's cartooning work, specialising in ...

Wooldridge, Paul

Gag cartoons and a super-hero strip.

Waligorski, Michael

Cartoons and illustrations.

Ward, Andy

London artist specializing in cartoons, animation, and comic books.

Wolfe, Martin

Custom cartoon illustrations.

Walburg, Tim

Church and family oriented cartoons.

Wood, Mark

Cartoons and illustrations for newspapers, magazines, advertising.

Wayshak, Jonathan

Black and white and color cartoon illustration specialist.

Yattiliis, Andy

Captioned cartoon illustration samples, descriptions and commentary. Included are comic ...

Yeagle, Dean

Professional cartoonist, animator, illustrator, and producer/director with Caged Beagle Productions, ...