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U.S. Department of Education

Progress of Education in the United States of America - ...

Reading Excellence Grant - Kentucky

Kentucky legislation provides detailed information for the plan.

Research Monograph

A summary of evidence prior to 1996 documenting the success ...

Just the Facts

AVKO Dyslexia - Spelling Research Foundation presents a summary of ...

National Data Evaluation Center

NDEC processes evaluation research data for the United States. Provides ...

ERIC Digest

This ERIC Digest discusses elements of the program, describes a ...


Publisher of many works by the intervention's founder, Marie Clay.

Education Commission of the States

Review of the intervention with bibliography

Reading Recovery National Network

U.K. Institute of Education explain how teachers can turn young ...

Arkansas Comprehensive Early Literacy Model

This design for school change includes the intervention as a ...

Indicators, Benchmarks, and Evidence

The Center for Research in Educational Policy suggests a template ...

South Carolina Department of Education

Teacher nomination and application forms from the Office of Curriculum ...

Help for Young Readers

Program boosts skills above average. [York Dispatch]

The Science of Reading

Visit from presidential advisor spurs debate over literacy instruction versus ...

Wonder Reading Scores Soaring

Reading Recovery is credited with raising literacy achievement levels at ...

Stateline NSW - Political Debate

Extended interview with incumbent candidate Bob Carr, who defends his ...

Leaders speak ahead of NSW State election

Labor party incumbent Bob Carr claims adding 920 Reading Recovery ...

NSW Opp stands by Reading Recovery program statement

Australian politicians argue over who can take credit for introducing ...

Opp Challenges Carr Over Education Ad

Politicans argue over bragging rights for Reading Recovery.

Michigan Education Report

Reading Recovery Revisited

Michigan Education Report

"Reading Recovery" is no such thing


Reading Recovery Practices Explained

Harvard Education Letter

Facts, Not Fads in Title I Reform

U.S. Department of Education

Start Early, Finish Strong: How to Help Every Child Become ...

U.S. Department of Education

Policy Guidance for Title I, Part A - Improving Basic ...

Harvard Education Letter

Students Make Strong Gains

U.S. Department of Education

Education Reforms and Students at Risk: A Review of the ...

Education Research Consumer Guide

Office of Educational Research and Improvement's guide to Reading Recovery ...

New Zealand - Auckland

Reading Recovery in New Zealand

United Kingdom - London

Reading Recovery National Network

U.S. - North Carolina - Wilmington

The University of North Carolina - Wilmington

U.S. - Illinois - Wheaton

National Louis University

Neag School of Education

Information on admissions, programs, departments, faculty, staff, resources and alumni.

U.S. - Indiana - West Lafayette

Purdue University

U.S. - California - San Diego

San Diego State University

U.S. - Massachusetts - Cambridge

Lesley University

U.S. - Texas - Denton

Texas Woman's University

U.S. - Kansas - Emporia

Emporia State University

U.S. - Georgia - Atlanta

Georgia State University

U.S. - Alabama - Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham