Friday, 21 October, 2016

Art Directories

Horror Sites


Everything You Need to Know About Vampires

Dedicated to the study of vampires in a literary and ...

Guide to the Undead

Includes factual and fictional resources and original writings.

Vampyric Lore, Fact, and Fiction

Vampyres mailing list for vampyric lore, fact, and fiction.

Vampire Court

Webring including FAQs, message board and general information.


Webring with 2 sites.

Web of Darkness

Webring with 3 sites.

The Elegantly Gothic Webring

Webring with 128 sites.

The Official Vampire Court Webring

Webring with 30 sites.

Shrouded in Darkness

Webring with 1 site.

Vampyres: The Ring

Webring with 270 sites.