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Horror Sites


Castle X

A role playing site with links and artwork.

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Dreams and Visions of an Invisible Boy

Simple page with some great links.


Vampires, Voodoo, Witchcraft, Cemeteries

Darath˘rn's Dark Vampire Realm

Welcome to this Realm of Darkness, dark wishes will come ...

Emperor's Vampyre Page

Good Links to other pages.

DarkAngel's Haven

I am the DarkAngel,Slayer of Slayers, Reeping death upon those ...

Drusila's Lair

Gallery, Gothic poetry, vampiric history.

Thee Gothyk Layre

Robyn's writings about her life, her cancer surgery, the housemate ...

The Encyclopedia

Features news, reviews, stories, pictures, archives and links.

Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

Government agency responsible for controlling the nation's vampire and zombie ...

Enfant de la Mort

Come to me. Come to me because only I, and ...

For the Dead Travel Fast

Dedicated to the novel, Dracula, by Bram Stoker, as well ...

Vampire Junction

Art, writtings, shopping, and links.

Vampire Connection

Anne Rice information, characters, fan fiction, novels, films and movies, ...

The First Brood

A site dedicated to the oldest of the Ricean Vampires.

Jezebel Hell

Photos, poetry, music, cemeteries.

Kat's Everything Page

My name is Kat and this is my home page ...

The Kindred's Embrace

Baron Inhostero of House Bloodmoon.


All about the vampire Lestat, his mortal and immortal history.

Lady of the Damned's Coven

This page is about Lady of the Damned. It contains ...

Mabelyn Arteaga - Scarlet Sanctuary

Photographs, Sketches, Poems, Live-Action Vampire Theatre, Film.

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mary657 's Home Page

The Poetry of Mary 657 Mactare

Midnight Angel

Actors and art for fans of vampires and the undead. ...

Owl's Lair

Features books, anime, character galleries and links.

Queer Vampires

A site devoted to gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered vampires. ...

Powers Court

Mausoleum de Sangue entrance.

Silver Raven's Home page

Includes poetry, information on books and movies and other dark ...

Siania's Vampyre Information Pages

Add any dark link, collect information, join the mailing list ...

The Tremere Virtual Chantry

Website for the Tremere, vampire clan of the Kindred Camarilla.

thewhiterose's Home Page

The White Rose

Twisted Vampress

Personal page of Pandi, formerly of Atlanta, GA moved to ...

Vampire Lover Home Page

Susan Zoon, cubist artist and horror fiction author of VAMPIRE ...

Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire

Includes recipes, profile, pictures, and movie reviews.


Offers information and history about vampires including theories on creation, ...


History of vampires, message board, personal views.

Vampire Bohimeon's Homepage

This is the site for Bohimeon. It tells all about ...

Vampire Hunters Domain

Anime, Comics, Star Wars, And more to come!

Vampires - the Immortal Undead

Shadow alternative

Vampire Blood

Provides information on Anne Rice, her books, information on vampires, ...

The Vampire's Vault

Resource site with lots of information.