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Horror Sites


The Encyclopedia

Features news, reviews, stories, pictures, archives and links.

Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

Government agency responsible for controlling the nation's vampire and zombie ...

Vampire Connection

Anne Rice information, characters, fan fiction, novels, films and movies, ...

Mabelyn Arteaga - Scarlet Sanctuary

Photographs, Sketches, Poems, Live-Action Vampire Theatre, Film.

Vampire Lover Home Page

Susan Zoon, cubist artist and horror fiction author of VAMPIRE ...


Offers information and history about vampires including theories on creation, ...

Tenebrous Kate's Home Page

Get your dose of Art, Gothic, and Horror info and ...

Kiss of the Vampire

LJ Smith and other Vampire fan fiction, original fiction, poetry, ...

Lair of the SheBitch

Erotica, poetry, films, stories, art, music and forum.

Vampires and Werewolves

Image galleries, forum, newsletter, song lyrics and general information.

The Vampyre Syndicate

Files, visuals, scream savers, wallpaper, soundfiles and links.

The Page That Dripped Blood

The ultimate in horror experience by Patrick Olsen.

Vampires Among Us

Serving and uniting the vampire/vampyre community. Fiction, folklore, real life, ...


Vampire galleries, picture of the week, book of the week, ...

Vampire Research Society

A variety of research on Vampires. Includes FAQs, conspiracy theories, ...


Network and directory of individuals, social organizations and businesses.

Dark Fear

Sites organized by content, top 100, and search available.

Cafe de Minuit

List of vampire fiction, clubs and music.

Vampyre Exchange and Information Network

Organizations which cater for a variety of interests, locations and ...