Tuesday, 25 October, 2016

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Drama Sites


A satire sketch TV series of malevolent and abrasive observations ...

Peace, Stephen

Plays, monologues and screenplays. [Plays are in .doc files]

Santiago Serrano

Argentinean playwright, with one play in English and several in ...

Merde, Melissa by Adam Szymkowicz

Short plays on loan from the authors. Complete scripts available ...

Vigeant, Peter - Pete's Pick

A collection of unpublished plays and monologues.

Liapin, Victor

Features the play "Hippopotamus Dreams".

These Days

A tentative play.

Horton's Stagepage

Site contains synopses and texts of G.L. Horton's plays.

Rutherford, Thomas E - Stage Plays

Short stage plays, including one with a military theme.