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An art page with portraits based on the book series.

The People's Republic of Haven

Archived articles concerning the origins and conduct of the Manticoran ...

The Honor Harrington WebRing

Member list and links.

Honor Harrington's Universe

Includes sections on military ranks and uniforms, a tool for ...

Honorverse Ships List

A detailed list of ships mentioned in the book series.

SFcrowsnest: In Honor I Gained them

Author David Weber, creator of the Honor Harrington series of ...

Weinberg, Robert

Author-maintained website

Wells, Basil

Tribute to the SF short story author Basil Eugene Wells ...

SFcrowsnest: The Killing of Worlds

Review of book two of Succession by Scott Westerfeld.

Wheeler, Wendy

Author who has contributed to anthologies such as the '13th ...

SFcrowsnest: Downs-Lord Doomsday

Phil Jones reviews panel three of the Downs-Lord Triptych by ...

Okal Rel Universe (Lynda Williams / Alison Sinclair)

"The Saga" spans critical decades of a future history in ...

Tad Williams

Official publisher-maintained site with biography, bibliography, and excerpts from the ...

BooksnBytes: Tad Williams Information Page.

Includes bibliography, fansite links, author news, convention appearances, and upcoming ...

Allscifi: Tad Williams Spotlight

A detailed analysis of the plot, setting, characters, theme, and ...


Home of the "Shadowmarch" saga, an epic fantasy formerly serialized ... : Tad Williams Talks About Otherland, Other Planets

Interview and excerpts from the book Mountain of Black Glass. Otherland: Sea of Silver Light

Book review and synopsis of Sea of Silver Light which ...

Tad vs. Tolkien

A critical analysis of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings ...

The Hayholt

Website dedicated to fantasy/SCIFI author Tad Williams. With news, reviews, ...

SFcrowsnest: The War of the Flowers

Paul Skevington reviews this SF/fantasy novel which explores the realm ...

Walter Jon Williams

Author-maintained website with weblog and details of his books.

SFcrowsnest: The Praxis

Review of book one of the Dread Empire's Fall by ...

SFcrowsnest: Walter Jon Williams Interviewed

SF author chats about his Star Wars novels, the impact ...

SFcrowsnest: The Sundering

Review of book two of Dread Empire's Fall.

Science Fiction Weekly: Connie Willis Interview

Transcript of an interview in which Willis answers questions submitted ...

Cybling: Connie Willis

Online chat with the author from 1998.

ChiCon 2000: Connie Willis Card

A baseball-style card containing a photograph and facts about the ...

OmniVisions: Connie Willis Interview

Lengthy transcript of an interview including comments by Jim Freund ...

Allscifi Connie Willis Spotlight

A detailed analysis of the plot, setting, characters, theme, and ...

Connie Willis Biography

Brief biography written by the New England Science Fiction Association.

Puzzling Connie Willis

Crossword puzzle about the author, written by James Patrick Kelly.

Review of "Doomsday Book"

Very short review.

Connie Willis

Unofficial page containing a biography, bibliography, list of awards that ...

SF Reviews: Connie Willis

Reviews of several Willis novels and collections.

Denver Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club: To Say Nothing of the Dog

Synopsis and ratings of the book by club members. Also ...

SFcrowsnest: The Composite Man

Willmetts looks at what makes the ideal science fiction hero.

The Mysteron Menace

Geoff Willmetts looks at one of the great issues raised ...

Elucidations Gene Wolfe Titles

An examination of the themes, plots, people, and words in ...

SFcrowsnest: Peace

Eamon Murphy reviews this novel by Gene Wolfe.