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Genres Sites


Scifi Tales

SFF e-books and poems.

Dead Channel

Zine from a collective of science fiction and fantasy writers.


Science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories.


Australia's Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction


Bimonthly speculative fiction magazine of science fiction and science fantasy. ...

Reality Complex

Quarterly online and print journal of speculative literature. Subscriptions, submissions, ...

Zone SF

Science fiction news, articles and interviews.

Vanguard Science Fiction Report

SF news portal.

SadGeezers Guide to Cult Science Fiction

Character and episode guides plus fan purity tests from series ...


Monthly SF news zine.


Aims to aggregate various science fiction news sources.

Big Dumb Object

Science fiction weblog, gathering SF news from around the Interweb.

SciFi Log

SF books, movies and comics.

Science Fiction Foundation

UK association of writers, academics, critics and others with an ...

Broad Universe

An international organization promoting science fiction, fantasy, and horror written ...

The Speculative Literature Foundation

Working to promote literary quality in speculative fiction. Site has ...

Delphi's SF Literature Forum

A Delphi Forums community of science fiction and fantasy readers ...

Tiger Heron Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

A monthly selection of science fiction and fantasy books prepared ...

Information about new and old science fiction and fantasy novels. ...

News and reviews about both new and classic science fiction ...

Martin's Si Fi

Sci-fi and Fantasy book reviews (Star Trek, Battletech, Shadowrun, Star ...

SF Reviews

"Biased and superficial" reviews of old and new science fiction ...


News and reviews website incorporating a paper based fanzine giving ...

Online community for fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror ...

Science Fiction and Fantasy Audio

Reviews of and commentary on Science Fiction and Fantasy Audiobooks ...


Mainly SFF works from The Internet Book Database of Fiction.


Reviews of near future SF novels.

Vulcan Ears Book Reviews

Book review site focusing on science fiction, with some fantasy ...

Alternative Worlds

Harriet Klausner's reviews of science fiction and fantasy books.

The Science Fiction Review

Reviews books written by various Sci-Fi writers. A major focus ...

John Meaney

The author of To Hold Infinity, Paradox, and Context provides ...

The Eve of Armageddon

Dr. Peter McClean Millar, author of The Eve of Armageddon.

Moore, Michael J

SF novel 'After The Fall'. Has sample chapter and purchasing ...

Moreau, Gary

Author site with artwork and links.

Nuetzel, Charles

Author of the ebook Swordmen of Vistar - SFF in ...

Nielsen Hayden, Patrick and Teresa

Author-maintained website.

Nimersheim, Jack

Author of the 'Farthest Star' (got a Campbell Award nomination).


An online collaborative literary project between Jeff Noon and Steve ...

Jeff Noon

A collection of links to numerous Noon resources on the ...


Background information on Noon's writings. Glossary, bibliography, featheragraphy, and author's ...