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Independent publishing imprint specializing in genre-related nonfiction material such as ...

Wild Flower Press, Inc.

Smallpress publisher of books such as Gatekeeper and Sojourner (action-oriented ...

Earthling Publications

Small-press publishers of novels such as Exorcising Angels by Simon ...

Literati Library Publishing

Prints books and distributes e-books. Includes information about readers, titles ...

Red Jacket Press

Publishes facsimile reprints of out-of-print SF classics.

One Horse Press

An independent publisher featuring the work of author Stephanie Wincik. ...

FireLords Publishing

A publishing company for limited-edition fiction by A. A. Attanasio ...

Ex Isle

A messageboard for friendly science fiction enthusiasts.


Online community of genre authors, publishers, editors, and readers. Includes ...


Science fiction and fantasy weblog including news, reviews and points ...

SciFi Forums

Online community with its focus on the media and TV ...

UK Fantasy Database

SFF books with information on authors, reviews and a forum ...

Hard Science Fiction

Discussion forum for fans of hard SF.

Science Fiction Readers

For fans interested in reading and writing science fiction. Community ... Science Fiction Guide

Reviews, articles and interviews about SFF books, along with a ...

Classic SF

Database of fantasy and science fiction stories.

Science Fiction Resources

Portal devoted to science fiction sites.

SF and Fantasy

A searchable database of science fiction and fantasy books.

TTTM Science Fiction

Classic science fiction works, including one of fictional science relating ...

Free Speculative Fiction Online

Links to science fiction and fantasy stories online.

Zombie Masters Romero and Fulci

A newly re-animated hero and the calamity that follows his ...

Shadow People Books

Paranormal mysteries from Louis Poessel.

Graham, Thomas

Sample chapter from an as yet unpublished e-book, Dark Moon ...

The Star Spawn Saga

Online stories by Thomas Nevin Huber, originally written in the ...

The Sci-Fi Realm of Elbert Lewis, Jr.

Online novel, including a brief biography and the first chapter ...

Out Of My Mind

A fan's selection of his original SF short stories.

Drake, Derand

Official site for the Starcruiser Falcon e-book by Derand Drake.

Gillette, Glenn Lewis

Excerpts from this small-press author's e-book writings.

Pellerin, Bob

Official site for the e-book author.

Scott, Jody

Articles and information on the science fiction of e-book author ...

Shades of Toad

The Artwork and Literature of Kevin Lane. Contains PDF chapters ...

Dream Sequence

PDF downloads of SFF author Steve Lazarowitz's self-published works [paid].

Alonzo, Sean

Official site of occult e-book author Sean-Alonzo, exploring symbolism, alternative ...

Corollary Theorems

Science and SF eBook publisher.

Corvidae, Elaine

Official site for fantasy e-book author Elaine Corvidae.

Quantum Cosmos

Bibliography, essays and literary writings by Douglas A. Mackey, as ...


Original science fiction, humour and tips for writers.

Spacebloom : A Field Guide to Cosmic Xflora

A catalog of spaceblooms - autonomous, self-propelling and self-propagating cosmic ...

Indian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Short stories, animations, movies and related site links. Indian site, ...

Science Fiction South Africa

The main South African organization for SFF, and their magazine, ...