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Periods and Movements Sites


WebMuseum: Fauvism

Introduction to the art movement and links to the artists.

The Fauves Page

Provides an overview of the artists termed 'wild beasts' of ...

fluxus debris! @ art / not art

Extensive archives and information about the Fluxus movement.

Fluxus Heidelberg Center

Publications, poetry, and performances of Fluxus Heidelberg.

Furious Party Fluxus

Fluxus audio site streams music and noise. Real Player required.


Exhibitions related in some way to Fluxus and fluxus-type activity.

The Flux Nexus

A loose association of artists, non-artists and anti-artists.

Allen Bukoff

Collection of Fluxus related art, objects, articles, and correspondence.

Walter Cianciusi

Event scores, musical compositions, Fluxus works and documentation.

Alison Knowles

Web site of one of the founding members of Fluxus.

The Fluxus Portal

Fluxus history and portal site for internet resources about Fluxus.

Fluxlist Blog

Images, multimedia, and writing by members of the fluxus fluxlist ...

The Fluxus Blog

Fluxus related history, theory, and contemporary practice.

Copenhagen Fluxus Archive

The Knud Pedersen Collection


An Internet and mail-order warehouse of Fluxus art and objects.


Discussion list for all things Fluxus.

Haven't-Garde Art

Digital collage Fluxus Blog by Reid Wood


Visual poetry Blog of Jim Leftwich


Includes fluxus scripts, music scores and games.

Fluxus East

Fluxus networks in central and eastern Europe.

Fluxlist Europe

European branch of the Fluxlist Blog.

The Academic Tradition (Rehs Galleries, Inc.)

Online exhibition of French Academic paintings by Bouguereau, Guillou, Munier, ...

Futurism: Manifestos and Other Resources

The definitive site on the Futurist art movement of the ...

Italian Futurism

"Italian Futurism was initially a literary movement created by Filippo ...

AIHA: Hudson River School Collection

A look at some of the better selections from the ...

Frye Mounts Small Jewels Of Hudson River Art

Review of an exhibition at Seattle's Frye Art Museum.

Hudson River Reference Collection

A collection of images of Hudson River School paintings by ...

Tocqueville and the Hudson River School

A review of the Hudson River School and its history, ...

Art and Nature: The Hudson River School, Paintings from the AIHA

A brief summary of an exhibition by the Orlando Museum ...

ArtLex on the Hudson River School

Gallery of many paintings by several artists.

White Mountain Art and Artists

A compilation of art from New Hampshire's White Mountains with ...

The Artchive: Hudson River School

Long review of the Hudson River School with links to ...

In Pristine Grandeur, a Sublime Presence

New York Times Arts Abroad review of exhibition of American ...

New York State Hudson River School Collection Locations

Location and descriptions of 14 significant Hudson River School collections ...

Art and Nature: The Hudson River School

Summary of an exhibit at the Morris Museum of Art ...

This Tranquil Land: Hudson River Paintings from the Hersen Collection

Information on an exhibition at Seattle's Frye Museum.

Artcyclopedia: The Hudson River School

A list of major and minor artists of the Hudson ...

Ringwood Manor Gallery

Photos of the five Hudson River School paintings in Ringwood ...

Impressionism: Paintings Collected by European Museums

Online art exhibition including the works of reeminent Impressionists. Learn ...

Olga's Gallery: Unknown Impressionist Masterpieces

Impressionist masterpieces which were presumed lost during WWII were revealed ...