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Bauhaus Archive: Museum of Design

Museum and research facility located in Berlin and dedicated to ...

Bauhaus: The Guggenheim's Collection

Images of artworks created by Bauhaus instructors.

Bauhaus in Tel Aviv

Historical information on the Bauhaus' architectural influence in Israel.

A brief note on the history of Bauhaus design

A brief and whimsical look at the possible source of ...

Interview with Wilfred Franks

Article and interview with one of the few surviving students ...

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Working to pass on the cultural heritage of the historical ...

Extra Ordinary Every Day

An online presentation highlighting the Bauhaus collection at Harvard's Busch-Reisinger ...

the bauhaus

A basic survey of the Bauhaus.

Wikipedia - Bloomsbury Group

History, impact and themes of the English group of artists ...

The Bloomsbury Group - Artists Writers & Thinkers

Brief history of the association and biographies of members.

Archive Jouneys - Bloomsbury

Includes timeline, member biographies, commentaries and artwork.

Knitting Circle - Bloomsbury Group

History of the group, member photographs and press cuttings.

Lewes District Council - The Bloomsbury Group

Brief biographies of group members with sample artwork.

WebMuseum: Classicism

Short introduction and definition of the period in art history.


History of the movement.

Constructivism definition.

Stenberg Brothers exhibition : Constructors of a Revolution


Graphic ads works from Rodchenko and Mayakovski presented by a ...

The Russian Avant-Garde Books (1910-1934)

Russian avant-garde books interactive exhibition presented in the Museum of ...

Cubism Movement

In-depth essay covers the history, development, artists and paintings of ...

DaDa Online

Comprehensive introductory site for those that want to learn the ...

Do da DADA List

Basic Dada resource with mailing list information, the Dada Tarot, ...

International Dada Archive

The gateway to the International Online Bibliography of Dada. A ...

The Photomontages of Hannah Hoch

A collection of photo montages created by Hannah Hoch.

Women Artists -- Dada and Surrealism

An excerpted chapter from Margaret Barlow's illustrated book "Women Artists."

The DADA Server

A humorous site that marries DADA and the Web by ...

Art Institute of Chicago - Documents Of Dada and Surrealism

An overview of Dada in Zurich, Berlin, Paris and New ...

Cut And Paste - Dada

Biographies and galleries of the photomontages of Heartfield, Höch, Hausmann ...

Dada and Visual Arts - Olga's Gallery

History of the movement.

WebMuseum: Dada

Short piece on the definition! and description of the Dada ...

John Heartfield

Contains a brief biography of the controversial artist, sampling of ...

Dada And Dadaism

Features the artists, writers, poets and includes a bibliography.

Tristan Tzara on Dadaism

Excerpts from "Dada Manifesto" [1918] and "Lecture on Dada" [1922].

Beginner's Guide to Dada

An appropriately irreverent profile of the Dada movement.

De Stijl Font Set

This set of 4 fonts is inspired by the geometric ...

ArtLex on De Stijl

Defined with images of examples from throughout history, quotations, and ...

The ArtFile: The Style

An alliance of Dutch artists, its leaders, the purpose, and ...


International architectural database with projects and images of the movement.

Robert Smithson

Official web site for the Estate of Robert Smithson, respected ...

WebMuseum: Expressionism

Explanation of the movement with links to well known period ...