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Claude Garamond

Biographical information and examples of how the Garamond typeface is ...

Portraits of Printers

Information on, and reproduction of woodcut of, Claude Garamond.

Linotype: Claude Garamond

Information about him and the typefaces he created.

Frederic W. Goudy

Information from

Goudy - In All His Glory

Biographic information and related links.

Typologia: Studies in Type Design & Type Making

Reprint of 1940 publication authored by Frederc W. Goudy.

Frederic William Goudy

Descriptive information and related links.

University of Delaware Library: Frederic W. Goudy Collection

Extensive resource on the life and works of Goudy, from ...

Goudy Fonts

Typefaces of typefaces created by or inspired by Frederic Goudy.

The Library of Congress: Frederic W. Goudy Collection

Personal library, papers and publications, from the Special Collections division ...

The Frederick Goudy Collection

Information on the holdings of the Denison Library at the ... Zuzana Licko

Links to typefaces, related sites.

Emigre Fonts: Zuzana Licko

Typeface designs, short biography, and interview.

Zuzana Licko

Essay: Zuzana talks about digital type.

The Fine Art of Letters

Biographical information and illustrated catalogue of works exhibited at The ...

Hermann Zapf

Overview of the contemporary German type designer.

Hermann Zapf

Information and links from

Linotype: Hermann Zapf

Brief historical overview plus information on typefaces he designed, including ...